DIY Firewood Rack – The Perfect Accessory for the Fireplace

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Hey there! This is Cher from Designs by Studio C back again with another fabulous knock-off DIY project! The inspiration for this DIY Firewood Rack(which can be found here) is made from metal square bar. Though I have actually taken a welding class, my welding skills aren’t that great – with more practice, maybe! I adapted the log holder to wood so it would be easier for anyone to build and at the same time, very inexpensive. All it takes are a few 2×2 boards to make a fabulous piece to organize firewood by the fireplace or outdoors by the fire pit!

DIY Firewood Rack - the perfect accessory for your indoor or outdoor fireplace

DIY Firewood Rack

Materials for DIY Firewood Rack:  affiliate links included for your convenience, more info found here

Tools Needed:


  • 4 – 2×2 at 8′

Cut List:

  • 4 – 2×2 at 42″
  • 10 – 2×2 at 10″
  • 4 – 2×2 at 13-1/2″

DIY Firewood Holder plans

Notes about the project:

I purchased a 2×12 off of the discount cart at the home improvement store and ripped it into 2×2 pieces. (If you choose to do this, make sure all safety precautions are in place!)

Position the pocket holes so they face down and won’t have to be filled. A close-quarter drill may be necessary for the tight spaces.

Step One

Cut all of the 10″ and 42″ pieces. Set the pocket hole jig for 1-1/2″ material and drill pocket holes in each end of the 10″ except for one piece (do not drill holes in this piece).

Step Two

Secure one of the 10″ pieces at the bottom of two of the legs, positioning the piece 2″ up from the bottom. Secure another 10″ piece flush with the top. Secure the pieces using glue an 2-1/2″ pocket hole screws. There will be two assemblies.

DIY Firewood Holder framing

Step Three

Secure the two assemblies to each other using glue and 2-1/2″ pocket hole screws. (Refer to the drawing.)

DIY Firewood Holder putting it together

Step Four

Cut the pieces for the roof peak. There is a 30° angle cut in one end and a 60° angle cut in the other end. Using a fast drying adhesive, secure the pieces to each other in pairs matching the 60° angles. Clamp and let dry.

Once the adhesive is dry, position the peaks on the top of the legs. Secure in place using 2″ brad nails. Secure the final 10″ piece on point between the peaks using adhesive and 2″ brad nails.

DIY Firewood Holder peak layout DIY Firewood Holder peak layout DIY Firewood Holder joining the peaks

Finish as desired. I chose to paint mine white but the log holder would look amazing with stain!

DIY Firewood Holder - a great DIY project to store your firewood for your indoor or outdoor fireplace

A few shelves can be cut from plywood and secured to the legs to turn the log holder into a shelf! The log holder can also function as a towel holder – towels rolled up and placed on top of each other… If you would like to use the log holder outside, use treated wood to construct it and once the wood dries, use stain with outdoor spar urethane or exterior paint to finish it! Until next time…


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  2. I love that this is a nice way to stack firewood plus it is more vertical than horizontal, so it saves space. Thank you for sharing your post at the #HomeMattersParty this week. We hope you’ll join us again when the next party goes live this Friday at 12AM EST.

  3. This is indeed a perfect accessory for the fireplace. The good thing is that, anyone can actually make one for their own fireplace. It’s not that complicated to do since you have explained in a very detailed way how to do it.

  4. Love this! I might have to make one of these to go with my DIY electric fireplace mantle! Sure, I can’t burn the wood, but your firewood rack would give the illusion that it’s a real fireplace. Thanks for the idea!!!

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