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DIY Hanging Bottle Decor

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Happy Monday! This is the cutest, most versatile, easy DIY I’ve done in a while. I’ve seen these cute hanging bottle decor in stores, Pinterest , etc. I decided to try my hand at it.

DIY Hanging Bottles with Clamps Decor 6

I had a scrap piece of wood leftover from when I built my Summer Serving Station last month. It’s 24″ long.

DIY Hanging Bottles with Clamps Decor 7

I stained it with Weathered Gray from Valspa? It’s a gorgeous gray with a beachy vibe. I love that it dries in less than an hour.

Then I found these clamps in the plumbing section. I got 1″ clamps to go around the bottles I’d been collecting. The bottles are taco sauce bottles. I love the shape.

DIY Hanging Bottles with Clamps Decor 3

I laid out where i wanted to place the clamps. My outer bottles are 3″ in and there’s 6″ between the center bottles.

DIY Hanging Bottles with Clamps Decor 1

I used some small screws to attach the clamps around the bottles.

DIY Hanging Bottles with Clamps Decor 5

Like I said this is such an easy project!  I went with the beachy vibe filling my bottles with sand and tiny shells and topping the others with a starfish.

DIY Hanging Bottles with Clamps Decor 2

So many options too! Paint it… Stain it… Add molding…. Add a stencil… Different bottles shapes and sizes… So many possibilities!

This is an easy DIY project… you can do it!!!

DIY Hanging Bottles with Plumbing Clamps  Learn how to make your own

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  1. Love your creativity and using “leftovers” basically. Recycle, repurpose, reuse! I’m with you 100%. So glad you’re using the “beachy summer look.”

  2. Oh, that is so awesome – I always look at those little hardware things and wonder what I could do with them! And I love your photos – a beautiful post!

  3. So clever and so cute! You talented crafty people are always so inspiring to me. I can set a pretty table, but I think I have used up all my creative crafting brains cells over the years. I am trying to think of what bottles I might use. I don’t drink it, but I have a friend who drinks cold Starbucks drinks from the grocery store. I might have to ask her to begin saving the bottles for me! I would be very honored if you would come by and share this at my new link party at Celebrate and Decorate!

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