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DIY Hanging Light & Lamp Shade

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Hello, there! This is Cher from Designs by Studio C with another fabulous DIY project! I have a slight obsession with creating (and owning) lamps and assorted light fixtures. This DIY Hanging Light is the perfect addition to a dark corner in the living room and it features an easy to make lamp shade. C’mon… I’ll show you how!

DIY Hanging Light and Lamp Shade perfect for that dark corner

DIY Hanging Light

DIY Hanging Light & Shade Materials:

DIY Hanging Light and Lamp Shade Supplies

DIY Hanging Light Supplies

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure and Ruler
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Pliers

Step One

Determine the height of the shade. For example, I wanted my shade to be 12″ high. Since my lamp rings measure 16″, I cut a piece of styrene at 11″ x 50″. The length of the styrene will be figured by multiplying the diameter of the ring by 3.14 (pi), then round up to the next inch for overlap.

Cut a piece of fabric 12″ x 50″. I like to use canvas or decorator fabrics as they are a little heavier than regular cotton for garments or quilting (though they can be used, as well). Remove the paper backing from the styrene a little at a time and position it on the fabric with a 1/2″ margin of the fabric at each long edge. Press the styrene on the fabric and smooth any wrinkles.

Step Two

Position one of the rings at one long edge of the styrene and fabric. Fold the 1/2″ of fabric over the ring and use the binder clips to hold the ring in place with the short ends of the styrene and fabric overlapping. Once the first ring is secured, flip the piece over and secure the other ring along the opposite long edge of the styrene and fabric with binder clips.

Gluing the fabric to the lamp shade frame

Use binder clips to hold fabric in place while it dries on your hanging lamp shade

Step Three

Apply a bead of glue along the vertical overlap to secure the styrene and fabric to itself. Working in small sections, remove a few of the binder clips and apply glue to the styrene under the ring. Fold the fabric back over the ring and press it a little so that it makes contact with the glue. Replace the binder clips, then move to the next section. Repeat on the opposite side with the other ring then let the glue dry thoroughly. I normally let it dry overnight.

Attaching your fabric to the lamp shade for your DIY Hanging Light

Step Four

I wanted the chain and female hanging ring to be white so that it blends in with my walls and trim a little better. I used chain and a female hanging ring from my stash that were bronze in color. I attached the chain to the ring using pliers, then applied a coat of rusty metal primer. Once the primer was dry, I spray painted the chain and ring white.

Step Five

Now it is time to connect the lamp shade to the socket. Thread the pipe nipple into the female hanging ring, then insert the pipe nipple through the hole in the “spider” ring of the lampshade (the top of the shade). Secure the lower portion of the socket shell to the lamp nipple (the socket will be upside down).

Attaching the chain to the Indoor Hanging Light

Step Six

Thread the lamp cord through the chain, hanging ring and lamp nipple so it comes out of the lower portion of the socket shell.

Step Seven

The ends of the lamp cord should already be stripped and split. Tie an underwriter’s knot in the ends of the wire. The underwriter’s knot takes the stress off of the wire when connected to the terminals on the lamp socket in case the cord gets pulled on. This way, the wiring will always stay connected to the terminals.

One end of the wire will have a ribbed casing and the other will have a smooth casing. The ribbed wire will be connected to the chrome terminal on the socket and the smooth wire will be connected to the brass terminal. Loop the exposed wire around the terminal and tighten with a screwdriver. Pull the slack in the lamp cord until the socket sits in the lower shell. Secure the upper portion of the socket shell either by pressing it in place or by screwing it onto the lower portion of the shell.(See the manufacturer’s instructions!)

Installing Lamp Socket in a DIY Hanging Light

Step Eight

Install the ceiling hooks in the ceiling where desired. Then hang the chain on the hooks and install a light bulb.

How to make a Hanging Light and Lamp Shade

Indoor Hanging Light with Lamp Shade DIY

That’s it!! Super-easy, right? This DIY Hanging Light would be great to hang over a bed or even as a sort of chandelier in a dining room, home office or living room.


  1. I just came across this pin and will begin to follow your blog. I need more lighting but it gets expensive. This tutorial gives me the confidence to DIY my own hanging light(s). Thanks for sharing!!

  2. thank you for sharing the lighting is very important for the decoration of ambinente and the finishing descando the details of the environment … loved your post,

  3. This lamp is awesome! Thank you so much for the great tutorial. And thank you for linking up to The Creative Exchange. We will be featuring your project this week.

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