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Friends it’s time for another installment of the DIY Housewives as we share some great DIY projects with you.  This month it’s all about Home Improvement Projects.  I don’t know about you but I’ve got a list of home improvement projects I want to tackle this summer.  So if you’re wanting to get your DIY on this summer we’ve got you covered with some great ideas.

12 DIY Home Improvement Projects you can tackle!

DIY Household Projects

One of my all time favorite home improvement projects has to be taking our cheap, ugly mini blinds into gorgeous custom shades.

Turning ugly mini blinds into custom shades

I found some fabric I adored and with a few hours of work transformed the ugly mini blinds in our master bedroom into custom shades.

Update your ugly mini blinds the easy & cheap way

Mini Blind Makeover

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12 DIY Home Improvement Projects that you're going to want to do in your home - barn door, command centers, concrete countertops, fireplace painting, mini blinds to custom shades and more


  1. I have read your blog its really good and awesome. I have got a lot unique ideas for decorating home from your posts and I am really inspired by reading these. This way I can easily decorate my home cheaper. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.

  2. DIY is really a genius idea! I love to see the output of your project. Really DIY helps to become a creative human.

  3. Hello, I and my wife just love DIY projects as it’s great to see what you can make with your own hands, and it gives even more pleased to see that you can make your own house as you want. And saving money also is a good thing, obviously.

  4. I know how hard you work behind the scenes to create beautiful content for us. This award is well deserved and couldn’t have happened to two better people.

  5. The green goes really well with the brown. I love your choice of colors. We’re looking for ideas for our new home, the previous owners didn’t even have blinds.

  6. I love your blinds.

    We have just redecorated our kitchen and we are really struggling with what to put in the windows and the doors. I like lots of light to pour in to the kitchen so the fabric roman blinds won’t work as there is not enough space. Would be interested in your thoughts?

  7. Diy started practicing and I’m enjoying it a lot, especially when I’m moving into old furniture and remodeling, is a great alternative to save .. great post!

  8. I’m always practicing Diy in many thing in my house and I save a lot of money, this day the curtain is simple but very good to save .. great post!

  9. I found many benefits of DIY. One of the best benefit is that most of the time DIY costs less money. I have tried many times to do this on my own, but I’m sure some projects are better left to the professionals.

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