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DIY Indigo Handcrafted Vase

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This DIY Indigo Handcrafted vase was inspired by a beautiful vase I saw in a spring catalog. I’ve been wanting to update the vase on our mantel with something more colorful for Spring and Summer. So for this month’s thrift store makeover I decided to transform a glass vase into a blue textured vase.

DIY Indigo Handcrafted Vase

I love how it turned out, but let me show you what I started with. This vase had a giant crack that had been repaired on the bottom, but since I would be covering it up, it wasn’t an issues.

vase before painting

Supplies for Indigo Vase

  • glass vase
  • acrylic paint
  • baking soda
  • chippy paintbrush
  • paper plate or bowl

Cleaning the Vase

The vase was really dirty, so I let it soak in some soapy water before giving it a really good scrub. Then I let it dry before moving on. If the vase you are using has any sticky residue, white vinegar usually works well to remove that.

Creating Textured Paint

Making your own textured paint is so easy using acrylic paint and baking soda. Now depending on the texture you want, you can use less, or more baking soda. For the look I was going for I used about equal parts paint and baking soda.

I started with the base color I wanted, which was the darkest color. I went with a midnight blue acrylic paint color. I mixed the paint with the baking soda until it was combined. It will not be smooth, but that’s ok.

midnight blue and baking soda base

I dipped the tip of the chippy brush into the paint mixture and then dapped it onto the vase, working my way from the bottom to the top. Add more paint to your brush as needed. I wanted most of the surface covered, but if there’s little bits of the glass showing through it’s ok, you will be going over it with other layers too.

I let this base color dry for 30 minutes before moving on.

Another blue shade

I wanted to use dark blues and teals in my family room this spring and summer, so for the next shade I add white paint to the midnight blue to create a beautiful teal’ish blue color. I went with the same ratio of equal parts baking soda and paint. I used the chippy brush again and just dapped it where I wanted. I wanted the dark background to be the main color, but wanted the lighter blue color to lighten up the look of the vase.

It’s up to you how much you add. Once I got the look I wanted I let it dry another 30 minutes before moving on to the final layer.

Lighter blue second layer

Driftwood Highlights

The last layer I decided to use a driftwood paint color. It’s a beige gray color. I only needed a drop of paint and then added an equal amount of baking soda. I dapped that color onto the edges and the parts of the vase that the light might hit more. It’s all up to you to get the look you want.

driftwood paint and baking soda

Then I let it dry overnight before moving my Indigo Handcrafted Vase to my mantel. I added a fern to it for now but I might get some white hydrangeas for it to help brighten up the space even more.

Driftwood Top Layer of Paint

I’m loving this vase for the warmer months and then for Fall and Winter I’ll bring back my DIY Artisan Vase with gray tones.

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  1. It amazes me what you can do with glass Maryann! I loved it after the base coat, and then it just kept getting better and better with each color.
    Thanks for all the great tips, I’ve never made my own textured paint.


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