DIY Industrial Metal Pumpkins

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If you saw my Rustic Industrial Porch earlier this week you might have noticed my cute DIY Industrial Metal Pumpkins. Well, today I’m spilling the beans on how to make these cuties!

Cutest DIY Industrial Metal Pumpkins perfect for Fall decor | Make your own perfect for your rustic autumn porch

I love the look of these rustic pumpkins, they are perfect for the outdoors… a little rust will make them even cuter by your front door! These pumpkins are the perfect fall decor craft project.

Cutest DIY Industrial Metal Pumpkins perfect for Fall decor | Make your own perfect for your rustic autumn porch

How cute is this little metal pumpkin? Ok here’s what you need to make these cute pumpkins!

Industrial Metal Pumpkin Supplies

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How to Make Metal Pumpkins

Step 1:

Decide how many pumpkins you want and the sizes you want to make them. The metal strips you are cutting will be shaped into a circle, using multiple circles to make each pumpkin. The largest pumpkin we made was with 4-foot metal strips. Then we made two 3 feet and two 2 foot pumpkins also. Once you pick the sizes you want to measure and cut your strips with either metal cutters or tin snips. I’d recommend using gloves as the edges of the metal strip can be sharp.

Tip:  for the large 4-foot strip pumpkin we used 5 strips for that size pumpkin, the other sizes we used 4 strips.

Step 2:

Gather your strips for 1 pumpkin. Grab one of the screws and finding the center of one of the strips, place one of the holes in that center area through the screw. (Bottom of screw on the ground with the thread sticking up for you to place the strips on top of it.)

Making the metal pumpkins

Step 3:

Continue to add your strips, placing a center hole through the screw. Spread out the strips evenly as pictured above.

Step 4:

Once you have your strips evenly spaced, place the nut on the screw and tighten. Don’t overtighten as you may need to adjust it later.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to gather the ends to the top. Start with the first strip you added to the screw.  Bring the 2 ends together and place a screw through the top down through a hole on the ends of each of that strip. Now repeat with the 2nd to last strip. Continue until all the strips are through the screw. Now make sure you have your strips spaced how you want them and add your nut and tighten. You may need to loosen the bottom screw if you can’t get the look you want. Once you’re happy with the placement tighten the top and bottom screw well.

Adding the metal pumpkin details

Step 6:

Fun time! I attached a spring to the tops of each of the pumpkin to create the look of a pumpkin stem.  As you can see from the photo above I placed the end of the spring through one of the holes.  Remember to wear gloves and I found a flat head screwdriver helped to lift the metal strips to get the ends in.

I took a circular metal piece I had and twisted the hobby wire around it to create the metal twines. The twist creates that cute pumpkin vines tendril.  Anything round would work – broom handle, wooden dowel, etc. Stretch them out if you need to, to get the look you want then add those to your pumpkins. I did a variety… some pumpkins just had one others two… mix it up.

Metal Pumpkin on Front Porch

Then you get to have the fun of decorating with them! I think they are perfect for outdoors during September, October, Halloween and even Thanksgiving!

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DIY Metal Pumpkins
DIY Fall Metal Pumpkin Decor

Such pumpkin cuteness!!! I hope you have a chance to make these Industrial Metal Pumpkins too!

Cutest DIY Industrial Metal Pumpkins perfect for Fall decor | Make your own perfect for your rustic autumn porch

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  1. This is such an awesome idea maryann! thank you for sharing this to us! will surely do this this coming Halloween, can save more money than buying and carving on actual pumpkins

  2. Depending on how much the springs and metal straps are will be making a few of these. . If we were still going to be in craft show at Tractor Supply these would have been great item to make/sell for show. As days went on I realized with my arthritis hands was too hard on me to get items made for sale.
    Thanks for sharing how-to.
    Happy week

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