DIY Oval Mirror Frame

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I’m going to show you a simple, budget-friendly way to create a DIY Oval Mirror Frame! This oval mirror was the boring, builder-grade mirror that was in our guest bathroom. I see these mirrors at our local thrift store and The Restore all the time. People take them down and put up something with more character. I love the shape of the oval mirror, it’s so unique, but I wanted a frame. So I decided to get creative!

DIY Oval Mirror Frame

Let me show you the mirror I started with. Just a basic oval frameless mirror.

Oval Builder Grade Mirror

I love the oval shape, but it was kinda boring without a frame. I love how it looks now! I wanted a wood frame, but I know making a curved wood frame can be complicated with the angles on an oval or round mirror.

Make a wood frame for a mirror

How To Make A Diy Oval Mirror Frame

Do you want to know how I made this super easy wooden frame? It’s made from a bunch of wood snakes in the toy section of Dollar Tree! Crazy, right??

If you’ve ever played with this type of wooden snake you know that they are built to flex and bend, just what I wanted to make a frame for this mirror.

What You’ll Need

You only need a few items to make this fun mirror frame idea.

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Cut The Wood

The first step in this DIY project is to chop the head and tail off the snakes. I used 8 wooden snakes to encircle my mirror. You need to figure out the dimensions of the mirror you are working on. The pieces after they are cut were about 14″ long.

I used my miter saw to make the cuts quickly, but you could use a hand saw as the wood is soft and would cut pretty quickly. Always be careful when using saws, don’t forget your eye protection. Using my miter saw, I used a scrap piece of wood to hold the snake in place so I didn’t need to get my fingers close to the blade.

After all the snakes had been cut, I used a sanding block to smooth the ends to make sure they were flat, so they could lay snug next to the next snake’s body.

I decided to leave my wood pieces the natural, unfinished wood. I would recommend that if you wanted to paint the pieces you use spray paint and paint them before you attach them to the mirror.

Attach The Wood

I used Tacky Glue to attach the wooden snake to the mirror. I wouldn’t recommend wood glue since you want something that will dry quickly. I would think a silicon adhesive would work too, just make sure what you use dries clear. Hot glue might work too.

I made a thin line of the glue down the center of the wooden piece, leaving a space at the ends with no glue. Then I carefully placed the piece, glue side down, directly on top of the mirror, right to the edge.

The Tacky Glue gives you a little bit of time to move the pieces. My final piece needed a little trimming, so I marked where it needed to be trimmed and cut it carefully with my miter saw.

Curved Mirror Frame with Wooden Snakes

I let it dry flat on my table before moving it to the mantel. I took a plain mirror and turned it into a beautiful mirror with a great budget-friendly solution. This mirror adds great texture to the space.

Close up of DIY Curved Frame

I think it’s a beautiful frame and the perfect easy DIY weekend project! I had been wanting a roundish new mirror for the mantel but decided to save money by transforming something I already had. I hope this is the inspiration you need to update your home decor with updating items you have or something you can find at your local thrift store.

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  1. Hello! What a neat & beautiful idea!! Thanks! I already bought the snakes & chopped the head & tails off. Q: You glued yours to the edge, not the mirror, correct? How has your very-cool frame held up? Is the glue still working well? I have one single-side “snake”, where I pulled off half of the round wood pieces on one side of the snake, to see how that might work being glued on. I’m also trying to figure out how/where I add the LED strip lights & channels for above or below them…. Wish me luck 🙂

    1. Hi! I glued the snakes on top of the mirror, but right on the edge. Each mirror is different, so do what you think works best with yours. Have fun!

  2. You are so clever. I can usually see alternative uses for things, but this one would NEVER have occurred to me. Just lovely!

  3. Very clever and what a bit of imagination can do for a project.
    I had thought about using some sort of braided rope around a mirror, but I like your idea so much better.

  4. That is AMAZING! I have no place for a mirror like that, but I would’ve never thought of using those snakes. I had one painted like a real snake until the wife’s nephew broke it. He was really upset, but it was fine, he was 3 and I had gotten it at Goodwill for him to play with (and break.)

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