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DIY Pallet Art

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Hello! It’s Carrie from Lovely Etc. back to share a super simple way to add some great art to your walls.

I am working on a new gallery wall for my son’s room full of awesome texture – lots of rustic and industrial elements. Some awesome rustic wood pieces are a must…but they can be a lot of work to DIY. Fortunately I came up with a ridiculously simple and cheap way to get the look of aged pallet wood without having to actually go find and rip apart any old pallets.

diy pallet art


It definitely looks authentically rustic and weathered in person, but I actually bought all the supplies at a craft supply store for less than ten bucks. All you need is a sheet of 12×12 wood print scrapbook paper, an unfinished wood 12×12 frame, and a Sharpie.


Plank art using scrapbook paper


I stained the frame with dark walnut stain – no sanding or preparation required since you want it to look a bit rough anyway. (My favorite way to apply stain is to just rub it on with an old t-shirt).

For the actual art, I decided to draw some simple arrows. Any simple design or words would work though – a favorite phrase, a blowing dandelion, a silhouette, whatever strikes you.

I wanted the arrows to look like they also might be stained, so I chose to make them dark brown. At first I was thinking I would need some sort of staining pen, but then I realized that was silly. Since you are really just writing on paper instead of textured wood, all you need is a Sharpie marker. So I drew my arrows using a regular brown Sharpie.


Stick your ‘pallet art’ in your frame and you are done! You don’t even need glass since real pallet art wouldn’t have glass over it anyway..

DIY arrow plank art

Now to get the rest of the art pieces for the gallery wall ready to go! Not to mention the rest of the room!

If you want to see how the rest of the room comes together, be sure to follow along with Lovely Etc. on Facebook and Instagram.


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