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DIY Pineapple Wire Art Craft

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This DIY Pineapple Wire Art is the perfect craft to share with you as I’ve just returned from Hawaii.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw the beautiful island of Kauai I shared.  I love all things Pineapple.  I love pineapple decor items and pineapple on my pizza, like my Hawaiian Pizza Bites.  So this was a fun project I did with my oldest daughter (who just turned 16).  She has a beachy bedroom so this fun piece will probably end up on her gallery wall she’s been working on.

DIY Pineapple Wire Art

Here’s the supplies you need to make this DIY project.

Pineapple Wire Art Supplies (affiliate links provided for your convenience):

This project follows the same guidelines as my string art projects I’ve done over the years like my String Art Christmas Tree and Baker’s Twine Heart.  You can leave your wood board natural or paint it any color you like.  I went with white paint and just dry brushed it so you can see hints of the natural wood underneath.

Here’s the directions on how to make your own.  You can find my detailed directions in my String Art Christmas Tree.

Step 1:

I had an image of a pineapple in my photoshop images. I printed that off and taped it to the board to hold it in place.

Step 2:

I took one of the nails and hammered just the tip into the spots I wanted the nails to go into.  Then I pulled out the nail and went to the next spot you want a nail.  Repeat this until you have all your nail spots.  Then pull off the pineapple paper.

Step 3:

Keep that paper nearby as a guide for placing the wire.  Now it’s time to hammer in those nails.  You want them down far enough so that they won’t pull out, but enough space that you can wrap the wire around the nailhead.

Step 4:

Time to wrap the wire.  We started with the pineapple base.  Pick your starting point and wrap the one around one nailhead twisting the ends together with the needle nose pliers until it’s snug.  Then figure out the pattern you want to wrap.  We went around the outside edges first then went diagonal each way.  When you’re finished use the wire cutters to cut the wire and wrap the wire around a nailhead and make sure it’s tight with the needle nose pliers.

Step 5:

Repeat the same for the top of the pineapple.

Isn’t it cute!  I think it’s such a fun take on string art and I love the metallic fun with the gold wire.

It’s looking pretty cute on my summer mantel, but once fall decor comes it will move to my daughter’s room.

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