DIY Rustic Bathroom Mirror

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I recently created a DIY Rustic Bathroom Mirror from an ornate thrift store mirror. I’ve been slowly working on making over our downstairs bathroom and part of my Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Design was to a chunky, rustic mirror. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. It took some work to remove the mirror from the old frame, but overall the cost was a cheap project.

DIY Rustic Bathroom Mirror from an ornate thrift store mirror. Learn how to remove the glass and create a chunky wood framed mirror.Let me show you what I started with.

Little Miss Ona was checking out the cute doggy in the mirror. It was a nice, great quality mirror, but not the look I was going for.

DIY Rustic Bathroom Mirror Supplies

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Removing the backing of the thrift store mirror to remove the mirror from the frame.

I used a screwdriver to lift up the staples that were holding the cardboard backing in place. Once the cardboard was loose I needed to loosen up the caulking.

Removing the caulking that holds the mirror in place.

At first, I tried using a couple of different sizes of screwdrivers. The screwdriver removed some, but not enough to loosen it. So I used a razor blade.

How to remove a mirror from a frame.

That did the trick. I carefully sliced through the caulking until I could remove the mirror from the frame. The first step to getting this DIY Rustic Bathroom Mirror done!

Laying out the new wood frame for the DIY Rustic Bathroom Mirror.

Once I removed the mirror I started planning out the wood frame. I used cheap pine wood that was 4″ wide (really 3.5″) The mirror has a beveled edge, so decided to have 2 1/2 inches of the wood be on top of the mirror, so 1 inch of the wood would be hanging over the edge of the mirror.

I cut my wood pieces down, double-checked that they fit the mirror and would square-up and then stained them with my favorite color.

Once the wood stain had dried I used adhesive to glue the wood directly to the mirror.

Using lots of weights to keep the wood in place while the glue dries on the mirror.

I let the adhesive have plenty of time to dry before I removed the weights.

Rustic Wood Frame for a bathroom mirror - a great DIY.

Then I got to check out my new Rustic Wood Framed Mirror in the bathroom, and I LOVE it!!! I need to get some heavy duty hangers so I can get it up on the wall, but it’s just what I was wanting in there.

Rustic details on the DIY Wood Mirror

How to turn a thrift store mirror into a DIY Rustic Wood Mirror with this tutorial.

DIY Rustic Bathroom Mirror from an ornate thrift store mirror. Learn how to remove the glass and create a chunky wood framed mirror.
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DIY Rustic Bathroom Mirror

Take a thrift store mirror and learn how to turn it into a Rustic Bathroom Mirror by creating a chunky wood frame.
Prep Time30 minutes
Active Time20 minutes
Stain Drying Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour 50 minutes
Keyword: Wood, Rustic, DIY, Mirror
Yield: 1 mirror
Cost: $17


  • miter saw
  • sander
  • razor blade


  • 1 thrift store mirror or you could purchase a frameless mirror
  • 4" pine wood I purchased 2 pieces that were 6 feet long
  • kona stain
  • liquid nails


  • Check out the backing of your thrift store mirror and see how you need to remove the mirror. I had a cardboard backing piece that I was able to remove using a screwdriver to bend up the staples.
  • My mirror was held by adhesive. A razor blade worked best to slice through the caulking to remove the mirror.
  • I used 4" pine boards to create the frame. The boards are actually 3.5" wide, so I measured so that 2.5" would sit on top of the mirror and 1" would hang over each of the edges.
  • I used a miter saw to cut the boards down.
  • I double-checked the cuts to make sure everything fit and the boards squared-up in the corners.
  • Then I stained the boards and let them dry.
  • Once the stain was completely dry I placed the liquid nail over the areas that the boards would be sticking to the mirror. I placed the stained boards on top making sure everything was fitted properly and then placed heavy weighs (paint and stain cans) on top to help hold everything in place while the liquid nail dries.
  • Once dry your mirror is ready to use!

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How to turn a thrift store mirror into a DIY Rustic Wood Mirror with these step-by-step instruction. Get that cute farmhouse look!


  1. I really like this look, and you did a great job! It will really look good when you put it on the wall. I hope you post a picture after you do that!

  2. Awesome !!

    I have so many mirrors in my stash. I’ve done lots of projects with other mirrors, but I’ve never glued the wood directly to the mirror.

    On my to-do list!

    thanks for the inspiration Maryann!


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