DIY Rustic Wood Star Sconce

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Hello again! Scott with Saws on Skates back to share another easy DIY project with you. Last time I showed you how to make a candle holder using wood rosettes. This time I’ll show you how to make this super simple DIY rustic wood star sconce perfect for your home or to give as a gift!


Rustic Wood Star Sconce

The idea for the rustic wood star sconce was inspired by a gift I received at the closing for my house. My friend Sue’s dad was the attorney for my closing. I closed on the house right around Christmastime and Sue’s dad gave me one of his handmade Christmas star sconces as a housewarming gift. What a thoughtful gesture!


I always liked this star, but wished I could keep it up year round. The star screamed “Christmas”, so it wasn’t really an option for year round use. But… I could make my own using the Christmas star as a template. And that’s what I did!


I opted for stain rather than red paint and I left off the plaid bow. Now this rustic wood star sconce is ready for year round use. You can finish it like I did, add a bow or even paint it like the original. So many options!


I did make one upgrade to the original. I drilled a hole in the holder, so the glass votive holder would stay in place. Before you make the rustic wood star sconce, you have to make me a promise. Please promise you’ll only use a flameless candle. Candles next to wood and candles on the wall make me nervous! You promise, only flameless candles, right?


DIY Rustic Wood Star Sconce Plan  (affiliate links included for your convenience, more info here)

1×3 about 4″
1×4 about 24″
1×5 about 12″
1-1/4″ wood screws
votive holder
flameless candle
dark walnut stain

Miter saw
Jig saw
Staple gun
1-7/8″ Forstner bit
countersink bit

Step 1. Trace and Cut the Star. You’ll need a piece of wood 11-1/2″ x 11-1/2″. I used two pieces of 1×4 and one piece of 1×5 scrap wood cut to 11-1/2″ and glued together. You could also use a piece of 3/4″ plywood or any combination of 1x wood to form a piece at least 11-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ . Trace a star on the wood. I used the star I had, but you can also find a clipart star on the web. Once the star was I traced, I cut it out with my band saw. You can also use a jig saw to cut the star.


Step 2. Make the Holder. Cut a piece of 1×3 to 3-3/4″. Locate the center of the holder by placing a straightedge diagonally.


Use 1-7/8″ forstner bit to drill a slight hole in the holder.


This hole will keep the votive holder in place.


Step 3. Attach the Holder. Place the holder on the star, so it’s level and trace around the holder.


Drill two holes in the front, just until the drill bit protrudes from the back.


Then using the two holes on the back, drill two countersink holes.


Clamp the holder to the star and drill into the holder.


Attach the holder using 1-1/4″ wood screws.


Step 3. Sand and Stain. Sand the star and holder. Apply a coat of dark walnut stain


I didn’t apply any kind of finish after the stain, because I wanted the star to have a rustic look.


Step 4. Attach Hanger. Cut a piece of twine and attach to back using a staple gun.


Add a votive holder, a flameless candle, hang on the wall and enjoy!

DIY Rustic Wood Star Sconce - a great step by step tutorial to make your own star sconce


  1. Love this star Scott. I would also want to keep something like this up all year rather than just at Christmas and your tutorial was great, really easy to follow. Thanks a mil.

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