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DIY Solar Address Post

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You won’t believe how easy this Solar Address Post is! Use the power of the sun to create a fun solar address post for your home. This free DIY craft project shows how to make this easy solar address post. Years ago my son was playing catch with my husband when a wayward ball smashed our plastic address box, so we were in need of a new address display.

DIY Solar Address Post - easy wooden, rustic weekend project you can make yourself!

I love this idea because you can totally get the look you want in your outdoor space with lots of options for numbering and solar lighting.  Let’s start with what you need.

Solar Address Post Supplies Needed

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Making The Solar Address Post

When creating this project I wanted to use as many supplies as I had on hand.  I had a 4″ x 4″ post in the scrap supplies and a vegetable crate leftover from another project.  I didn’t feel like digging out a hole for the cement post base, so I thought the crate would be a great shield.  Planting some succulents in front helped to add some soften to this project too.

DIY Solar Address Post - easy wooden, rustic weekend project you can make yourself!

Once I had the crate and the cement post base where I wanted it I grabbed a measuring tape to figure out the height I wanted.  I wanted something tall enough that Mr. UPS would be able to see it from the street (our front yard is sloped down).  I decided on a 32″ height for the 4″ x 4″ post.

DIY Solar Address Post - easy wooden, rustic weekend project you can make yourself!

I used my miter saw to trim the post down to 32″. Then I used 4 nails to attach the post to the cement post base. You could also use a drill and some screws, or a bolt to attach the post to the base.

Learn to make this Solar Address Post

The solar post light came with screws to attach to the post.  I placed the light fixture on top and attached it with the screws provided. There are different styles of solar post lights, you can easily find one that matches your other outdoor solar lights.

Attaching address to solar post

Then I attached the address numbers with the nails provided in the packaging.

Succulent Plant at base of Solar Address Post

I added the succulent in front and admired my easy solar address post. The succulents added to our garden decor and helped to soften the harsh edges of the crate and the rock. The little solar panel on top works perfectly to light up the space. It’s an inexpensive way to create your own solar address sign.

Other Option

  • You could easily stain or use some spray paint to transform the post to match your home.

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DIY Solar Address Post - easy wooden, rustic weekend project you can make yourself!


  1. Thanks for sharing your idea, this will help at my house for sure! Simple but effective way of identifying our house.

  2. When people are looking for an address they come knocking at our door,why?who knows. Our house #is on front of our house facing street, duh,look people. When I tell them this,they then tell me no it’snot. I don’t have patience for people who can’t be bothered to look for an address when they are looking, excuse me.
    Maybe if we put one of posts with address on it like yours, (paint post screaming red) maybe they’d find our address, sheesh.
    You did great job making your address post with light,looks fancy and very utilitarian. Wonderful idea.
    Happy week

    1. That’s funny! It’s amazing how blind people can be with things right in front of their face.

  3. OMG! I love this! I smiled as soon as I saw it since we need one desperately! I have a shelf full of solar tops we bought and haven’t used too. Super idea for a spring project 🙂 Pinned!!

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