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DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnetic Board

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I’m a big fan of burlap, so I can’t wait to share this project with you.  This DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnetic Board is a great project that you can customize for any room in your home.  I was thrilled when I happened upon a piece of sheet metal lying around in my parent’s garage because I had a fun project in mind.

Stenciled Burlap Magnet Board

DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnet Board

This project was pretty simple and makes a big impact in a space.  I think it’s eventually heading to my work space.

DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnet Board

I folded the burlap around to the backside of the sheet metal and used a hot glue gun to hold it in place.

DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnet Board

I used a pretty stencil and acrylic paint to add some geometric interest.

DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnet Board

It’s like a beautiful piece of art on it’s own, but of course it’s a magnetic board as well.  I hot glued some magnets onto some paper flowers I made, super cute and so easy to customize.

DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnet Board

To attach the ribbon tie I used a hammer and nail to poke holes through the metal.  This is a fun project you can easily do!  Total work time was probably only 20 minutes (plus paint dry time)… so an easy weekend or even weeknight project.

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  1. Could you be a bit more specific i.e. what stencil did you use, what colour paint for stencil and how di d you get the lines so crisp. I’m a novice stenciller and so far have not had good luck paint bleeding under, etc.

    1. I used a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil. I used a combo of different blue acrylic paints to make that paint color. Have a good stencil is important. Also having a good stenciling brush. Bounce the paint (in an up and down motion) first on a paper plate to remove any extra, drippy paint and then use the same bouncing to paint the stencil.

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