DIY Stoneware Bowl

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I’ve got a fun DIY Stoneware Bowl to share for this month’s thrift store makeover. I love the look of stoneware, but it can be pricing and I never come across pieces at our thrift stores. So a couple of months ago Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia shared how she created stoneware with a glass vase she found at the thrift store.

DIY Stoneware Bowl

So here’s the glass bowl I scooped up for only $1!!! I loved the shape and thought it would be perfect on the new chunky wood shelf I just built.

glass bowl thrifted

How to Make Faux Stoneware

First step was picking out my paint. I used a sample gray paint that I had on hand. I thought it would go good with the colors in my family room.

Then I grabbed baking soda. After reading Kristin’s post I decided I wanted to do about a 50/50 ratio of paint and baking soda.

paint and baking soda

I used a disposable cup and mixed it together well with a wooden skewer, for easy cleanup.

Adding paint and baking soda mix to the glass

Use a cheap, chippy brush to apply the mixture. I gave it a nice, thin, even coat for the first coat.

Then I let it dry for about an hour before I gave it a second coat.

2nd coat of faux stoneware

After letting it dry overnight I had this beautiful DIY Stoneware Bowl!!!

Faux Stoneware Bowl

I added some greenery and it found a home on my new shelf.

DIY Stoneware Bowl

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  1. That is really cool and I have just the container to try it on.

    Now – about the greenery – are the eucalyptus a recent purchase, and where did you buy them?


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