DIY Wood Bowl Candle

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When I saw this thrift store find I knew it would make the cutest DIY Wooden Bowl Candle. It is a perfect size and I love making candles. So with a little work, I turned it into a beautiful candle that would be beautiful in any space. It’s my twist on a dough bowl candle, just a smaller vibe.

Here is the wood bowl I started with. It was pretty to begin with, just needed some cleaning.

Thrift Store Wood Bowl

Supplies Needed for a Wood Bowl Candle

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Wood Bowl Candle Supplies

Prepare The Wood Bowl

I removed the sticker and gave the bowl a good cleaning with some vinegar. Then cleaned the vinegar residue with a damp paper towel. Then I used a dry paper towel to dry it completely before moving on to the candle making.

Other Candle Container Ideas

  • teacup (see my post here)
  • mason jar
  • decorative dishes like bowls or plates with raised edges

Add The Wick

There are a couple of options you have for adding the wick to your item. They sell glue dots for this but you can also use a hot glue gun, which is what I had on hand and used.

With the size of my wood bowl, I decided to use three wicks. I just eye-balled where they should go, but you can get exact and measure it out. You just need a small amount of hot glue. I put the hot glue directly onto the wood bowl, where I wanted the wick. Then you press the wick base down into the hot glue. The wick can be flimsy, so a trick is to use a plastic straw. Cut a straw so that it is slightly longer than the wick. Slide the straw over the wick and then you can hold onto the plastic straw to press into the glue. Press for 30 seconds to let the glue setup.

Straws on Candle Wicks

Repeat the process for the additional wicks. Remove the straws (if you used them) Then I used long wooden skewers to hold the wicks upright. I put the wick between two skewers and used tape to hold them snug. They also sell wick holders.

Melt Candle Wax In A Pot or Tin On The Stove

I don’t own a wax pitcher, but I’ve used them before and they definitely make the process easier. I used a pie tin that I bent a section, to create a pour spout. You are basically creating a double boiler method.

Melting Candle Wax

Fill a pot with a few inches of water, you don’t want the water to touch the tin. If you use a pitch it will submerge into the water, but you only need the bottom few inches in the water.

Depending on the wax you use your directions might be different. The rest of the directions are based on the wax I used.

Turn the burner on your stove to medium heat. Put some wax into either the pitcher or the pie tin. Submerge the pitcher into the water with the handle handing on the side of the pot. Or place the pie tin on top of the pot (you want the pot to be smaller than the pin tin so it can sit on top.

Once the water starts to simmer, turn the temperature down to low. Once the wax melts, remove it from the heat. Check your wax to see if they recommend a set of degrees f to remove the wax.

Add your Scent

One of the fun parts of making candles is picking the scent. There are lots of options but I went for lavender for this candle. Once you remove the wax from the heat, add the fragrance oil. I added 15 drops to my wax. Each scent will typically tell you how many drops based on the amount of wax you are melting.

Give the wax a stir, then it’s time to pour.

Other Candle Scent Ideas

  • pumpkin spice
  • apple cider
  • orange
  • cinnamon
  • eucalyptus

If you wanted to add a different color than the wax color this would be the time to do it. Follow the direction on the dye for the amount to add.

Pour The Wax Into Your Bowl

Now it’s time to carefully pour the liquid wax into the bowl. With the pouring pot, this process is easier, but you still need to be careful since the wax is HOT. Using a pin tin I put oven mitts on both hands and then carefully pour the wax into the wood bowl. I filled the bowl about 3/4 full. I then let the wax cool to see where the wax would settle. I let it set up for 30 minutes.

Pour Candle Wax

Then I melted a little more wax to top off the candle to the level I wanted. Once the wax melted I repeated the steps above and carefully poured the wax onto the existing dried wax to finish off the candle.

Time to trim a candle wick

Now it was time to let the candle set up and dry. I let it sit overnight before I removed the wooden skewers and then trim wicks with a sharp scissors.

Natural Wood Bowl Candle
Wood Bowl Candle DIY

I hope you found this wood bowl candle instructions helpful. Now check out these other great thrift store makeovers

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  1. I was going to make one of these as a gift and my husband was concerned about burning a candle in a wooden bowl. What are your thoughts about that? Thanks,

  2. I love how your candle turned out Maryann! Great tips for doing it yourself. You have me wanting to make one too!



  3. I’ve sort of done this before with leftover candles but you really laid out all of the steps. This bowl is too cute. I will be trying this again soon! Great post!

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