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DIY Wood Toolbox for Your Decor

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This DIY Wood Toolbox is meant for your home decor and when you find out what I made the handle out of you’ll understand.  I’m sharing this fun project as part of the monthly Power Tool Challenge that I’m a part of.  This month we’re sharing projects using power tools and something unconventional.

DIY Wood Toolbox

I’ve been eyeing wood toolboxes on Pinterest over the past month and really wanted to have one to use during the upcoming holiday season.  So I sketched up a design using scrap wood we had on-hand plus a PVC pipe for the metal handle.

Here’s the supply list for this project (affiliate links are provided for your convenience)

DIY Wood Toolbox Supply List:

I found a pipe with threading on both sides that was 18″ long.   Found 2 caps and gave them a good, couple coats of metallic spray paint.

Here’s the wood pieces I used for the toolbox.  You could customize this for the size you wanted.  We made the cuts (sizes listed above) to accommodate the 18″ pipe I found.

We traced the end of the pipe onto the board, so we knew what size hole we needed.  You could get a drill bit that’s slightly larger than 1/2″ or you can use what you have on had and just drill a bunch of smaller holes in the space until you have the size you need.  (we went with the 2nd option).

After the pieces had been cut and sanded I used a nail gun to attach the outer edges on top of the base piece.

Then I attached the long slats to the outside edges.  I used flooring spaces to keep the same space between each piece.

I gave it a coat of Kona stain.  Once it was completely dry I added the pipe and end caps to it.

Do you think it passes for metal??  Obviously with using plastic the handle can’t support the weight of a metal pipe… but the cost was SO much cheaper.  The 3 pieces of pipe cost only $2ish where I would have paid $12 if they were metal.  Since I’m only using it for lightweight decor I figured it was worth the savings since I had the spray paint on hand already.

I can’t wait to pile it full of pumpkins soon.

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DIY Wood Toolbox | Easy DIY Project | Use PVC Pipe with Spray Paint to save money



  1. Wow, This is a great one. Important and useful for the DIY project. I don’t have an idea for such projects before reading this article. If you had more insight I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the sharing such a useful article with lots of information.

  2. Hello Maryann,
    You are so creative. What a neat project! You did a great job on it. I LOVE this idea! I’m such a fan of homes that are beautifully decorated, especially around the holidays, I really need to step up my game!!! Seriously thank you for all this awesomeness!

  3. Wow! It looks beautiful. Look at how it beautifully holds the contents. I never had any intention of making one but I have suddenly got some interests pushing into me to make one for myself upon setting my eyes on that marvelous toolbox you made yourself. I have got some of my tools just under my cupboard which may be dangerous for a careless hand search for anything under there. I have got the idea, and heading to make mine right away. Thanks for sharing such a marvelous idea with the whole world.

  4. Amazing toolbox. I wanna make a toolbox for gardening. I have all of the tools but need PVC pipe cutter. Do you have any recommendation?

    1. You can pick up a pipe cutter at a hardware store, or just purchase a pipe in the size you want like I did.

  5. Thanks for sharing us this wonderful DIY wood toolbox. Will try creating one myself to store some of my make-up essentials to lessen the space on my room. Keep up the great work!

  6. We have a similar looking toolbox that we bought which we use for putting our magazines. I love how you made it look rustic, so much character to it.

  7. Maryann,

    Yeah the handle looks metal! Great job on saving some bucks! Those metal pipes are really expensive.

    Love your wood toolbox/tote!


  8. I would not have known that your handle and end caps weren’t metal if I hadn’t read it. Pipes are crazy expensive and I don’t blame you for using plastic.

    Your toolbox is going to be great for decor this fall filled with pumpkins and then at Christmas filled with greenery. I could use one of these!

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