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Easy Patriotic Decorations

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It’s thrift store makeover day and today I’ve got some Easy Patriotic Decorations for you!  I visit our local thrift store almost every week.  You never know what deals you’ll find.  This week I’m sharing how to turn some simple glass containers into festive decor perfect for the 4th of July and Memorial Day.

Easy Patriotic Decorations

I started with these basic, glass pieces.  I’ve seen similar items at the dollar stores too, so you can easily find something similar.

Here’s what you need to create these:  {affiliate links provided for your convenience, more detail here}

I started by trimming the tissue paper into strips in various sizes.  A little tip…. it’s much easier to cut the tissue paper when it’s folded.

Once you have your various strips of tissue paper all ready you can take your paint brush and brush a generous coat of Decou-Page onto the glass.  Gently place the tissue paper on top.  The tissue paper tears very easily, so I rotated the glass so the tissue paper would survive.

Let the tissue paper dry for a couple minutes and then place another coat of the Decou-Page on top to seal it in.  I used the exterior version so I can use these outside during the summer.

Once it dries it will be clear and you can use them to decorate.

I love this idea for parties, you could use tissue paper in your color themes too.

Such a fun idea for the upcoming patriotic holidays.

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Easy Patriotic Decor using items from a thrift store of dollar store


  1. Maryann

    Such a fun and easy project for any holiday. I see Christmas glassware with patterned tissue paper.

    Question? Can you soak it off and use it for the next holiday?

    Pinning and sharing on Facebook.


  2. I thought you had painted the glass!!! That is such a cute idea to use decou-page them instead. Very cute for the 4th!

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