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Etched Glass Memory Jar

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Hello! It’s Carrie from Lovely Etc. back to share another favorite project with you.

etched glass memory jar

This memory jar is something I’ve been wanting to make for a long time and this is definitely the perfect time of year to make it.

So many days I find myself focusing on all the things that are not quite how I want them to be – my husband works too much, our house isn’t clean enough, I never seem to finish my to-do list. I focus so much on the little things that are messing everything up that I completely overlook everything wonderful that is happening. Like my little boy’s toothy grin when I tickle him. And the times my husband washed the dishes when it’s my turn because I look tired. Those are the things I want to remember at the end of the year.

So this year I am going to make sure I remember all those favorite memories. That’s where the memory jar comes in. Whenever something happens that just really makes me smile, I’m going to write in on a piece of paper and toss it in the jar. My husband can do the same thing and next year on New Year’s Eve we’ll pull all our favorite memories out of the jar and read them together. Sounds like the start of a great tradition to me.

To make your own etched glass memory jar, you need a clear jar, etching cream, a paintbrush, alphabet stickers and painters tape. (You can get etching cream at any craft supply store.)

First spell out your word on the front of the jar using alphabet letters. I chose to spell out ‘favorites’. (It really doesn’t matter what color or design the stickers are as long as you like the size and font). Tape off a box around the letters using painter’s tape. Use your finger to press the stickers and tape down firmly.

etched glass memory jar

Apply the etching cream liberally to the taped off area using a paintbrush or foam brush. After waiting the amount of time listed on your etching cream directions, rinse it off with water.

etched glass memory jar

Let the jar dry and remove the tape and stickers.

Once I had etched my jar, I felt like the lid needed a little character as well so I covered it with silver glitter washi tape.

etched glass memory jar

And now our memory jar is all ready to be put into use in the new year

etched glass memory jar

Of course we haven’t filled it up with memories yet, but I went ahead and cut a bunch of papers so we are all ready to start filling it up!

etched glass memory jar


etched glass memory jar

Here’s to a great year! For more inspiration, be sure to visit me at Lovely Etc. and follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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