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Fabric Scrap Flowers…

Thanks for Sharing!

These are one of my favorite crafts to make for all the best reasons…

  • they are super cute
  • there’s a good chance you already have all the supplies
  • they are fast to make
  • they look great on so many things

So here’s the how-to:

Step One: Cut a circle from your felt in the size you’d like your flower to be.

Step Two: Cut a long strip of fabric (burlap in this case). Mine was about 1 1/2 inches wide by about 24 inches long. Then you tie a knot on one end of your burlap.

Step Three: Glue your knotted end to the center of your felt circle.  I’ve always used hot glue, but I’d bet fabric glue would work great too.

Step Four: Basically you are twisting and gluing as you wrap around your center knot. I glued the fabric down about every 1/2 turn, so if the circle was a clock face, at 3 and 9 o’clock (hope that makes sense). So you just keep twisting the fabric and gluing till you’ve filled in your felt circle. If you run out of fabric just start another piece with a knotted end and tuck it under where you ran out and complete your circle. If you have more fabric then you need, just cut it and glue down the end.

Here’s my burlap flower. I rolled my sweater scraps for the center of this one. Love how it looks on my sweater pillow.

This one I made with the sweater scraps and rolled twine in the center.

The black one is from scraps of one of my daughter’s ruined dresses and a burlap center…


You can easily put your flower on a headband too!

I bought a 6 pack of basic headbands at Dollar Tree.

You need to cut a felt circle a little smaller than the felt circle on the base of your flower.

Glue the circle to the underside of the headband…

scrap flower headband 2

and then put glue on the felt of your flower base and press it onto your smaller circle (headband in the middle).

scrap flower headband copy

A cute headband for my littlest princess!

You can also glue a scrap flower to a barrette.

I glued a flower bead for the center of this flower.

Look at all the fun you can have with your fabric scraps!


  1. What cute little flowers! It doesn't look too difficult to make….i'd like to try them sometime! 🙂

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