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Fall Frying Pan Sign

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This fall frying pan sign is such a fun makeover for this month’s Thrift Store Makeover! I found this cute frying pan at my local thrift store and I instantly loved it for its color. With some paint and a Sharpie, I turned my cute frying pan find into a fun fall sign.

Fall Frying Pan Sign

Fall Sign Supplies

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Now if you’ve never painted a pumpkin, don’t worry! You can see a whole post on how to Paint Your Own Pumpkin Canvas.

How to Paint a Simple Pumpkin

Start by gathering your paints and paintbrushes.

How to Paint a Pumpkin

Start with the orange paint and place a little bit on the tip of a flat brush. The one I used was able 1/2 inch wide at the tip. You want to make the shape of the top of a heart. Do one side of the top of the heart, then load the brush again and do the other side.

How to Paint a Pumpkin

Now flip the pan over and repeat to create the bottom of the pumpkin.

How to Paint a Pumpkin

You’ll want to round out the sides with your paintbrush and fill in the center of your pumpkin with the orange paint.

How to Paint a Pumpkin

Now it’s time to add some dimension to your pumpkin. Take the same flat, thin paintbrush, and load 1/2 of the tip with white paint and the other 1/2 of the tip with orange paint. Position your paintbrush with the white tip side to the top and drag the tip of the brush down with a curve to create those lines. Repeat with each line.

How to Paint a Pumpkin

Not with a thin, defined paintbrush, you’re going to add some burnt umber paint.  Add some to the bottom of your pumpkin, and take that some burnt umber and drag it up those curve lines that you drew. Add as much or little of the white and burnt umber colors as you like. No 2 pumpkins are the same and neither with your painted pumpkins.

Painted Pumpkin on a Frying Pan

The final step is painting the stem. I just make a triangle looking shape.

Painted Pumpkin on a Frying Pan

Then with a thin Sharpie Pen, I wrote “FALL” on the top of the pan. To finish it off, a little raffia tied around the handle.

Such fall cuteness!

Painted Pumpkin on a Frying Pan

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Fall Frying Paint Pumpkin Sign


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