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Father’s Burlap Sign

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I’m sorry I haven’t been around much this week with posts, facebook, etc.  but we’ve had a stomach bug here.  The girls had it earlier in the week and yesterday my son came home from school with stomach pain.  I’m just praying I survive the week without being hit.

Onto happier stuff!  I’ve got a great guest post over at my other site, Power of Paint, today from Houzz.  You can check it out here! We’re just over a month away till Father’s Day. In between loads of laundry and trying to kill every germ in my house I came up with a burlap sign.

father burlap 1

Father’s Day Burlap Sign

If you’re looking to learn how to make your own Burlap Sign I’ve put together the ultimate Tutorial with Video.  You can learn all about it here:

How to Print on Burlap Tutorial Ebook with Video

father burlap 3

father burlap 5

father burlap 2

father burlap 4

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  1. This is a perfect sentiment for Father’s Day. I hope everyone is healthy & well. I had the bug the other day ~ not fun.


    1. I totally agree… must be that rustic look… makes us think of our manly men 🙂

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