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I’ve been looking for a coffee table for our family room since we purchased our sectional a few years ago.  Finding the right size table to fit within a sectional space is tricky.  Then one day, our neighbor  started clearing out a bunch of furniture they no longer wanted and the clouds parted and I saw a stunning half of a coffee table.  I loved the shape… the size… the style… it was just missing a tabletop.  So what to do??  I decided to create a faux plank tabletop.

Faux Plank Coffee Table made with plywood

Faux Plank Tabletop

Creating a plank tabletop that was round was possible, but it would have been a LOT harder than this.  Some cheap plywood and a little bit of time is all this took.

Supplies used for Faux Plank Tabletop: {affiliate links provided for your convenience}


Here’s what I started with.

Round Plywood Cut for Coffee Table to create Faux Plank Tabletop

Mr. DS cut out a piece of plywood in a circle to fit in the hole.  Then we sanded it down nice and smooth.  Make sure you sand with the grain of the wood to achieve the smoothest finish.

Add lines for the faux planks

Then with a yard stick and a pencil I measured out the spacing for my lines.  I went with 6″ wide faux planks.  Once I had penciled them in I went over the lines with my sharpie.  I used the yard stick as a guide to make sure I kept my lines straight.

Staining the faux plank tabletop with kona

Then it was time to stain the wood.  I started with Kona.  It’s a gorgeous dark stain.  I put on a generous coat, let it sit about 5 minutes and then wiped off the excess.

Adding the Weathered Gray stain on top of Kona for the faux plank tabletop coffee table

Then I immediately followed up with the Weathered Gray stain.  I did one plank section at a time, leaving the stain on for only a couple minutes, then I wiped the excess off.  Then I moved on to the next plank.

Create a faux plank tabletop with a sharpie

After the stain was dry I felt like the sharpie lines weren’t dark enough for me… so I went back over the lines with my sharpie to darken and thicken them a little bit.

Coffee Table faux plank tabletop

I finished off with a coat of triple polyurethane to seal it all in.    And it gave it a gorgeous sheen too!

Beautiful sheen on the faux plank tabletop

I love how it turned it!  I took a trashed piece of furniture and gave it new life with stuff I had on hand.

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  2. Wow, I am so happy I found your post at my party! I have a oval table that I want to replace the glass with wood, I am happy to hear that you found someone to cut it. So its possible! Yours came out gorgeous. Its my feature for this week

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