For the Love of… Rope

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a “for the love of.”  If you’re new with me, “for the love of” is simply something I came across as a décor trend that I’m lovin’ and I just have to share.

There is just something carefree… exotic… and screaming “vacation” when I see these décor items with rope.

Hyannis Rope Mirror

Use Jute Rope To Decorate5Use Jute Rope To Decorate9



Are you a rope fan too?

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  1. Love the texture it adds. Although, I don't classify myself a fan—I think all these applications of rope are pretty!


  2. Huge fan here too! Love that ring, how cute. I used rope to hang my valance in my laundry room.

  3. I just gave you an award for the most versatile blogger. I love your ideas for rope decorating! Thank for having such an amazing blog. I posted your blog along with your award on my page. Thank you for inspiring me!

  4. Oh yes this does make me think of summer! I am your newest follower, I just found you through A brush of Whimsy. I just joined your party, thanks for hosting.

  5. Yes Maryann, I'm a rope fan too! Love the color and the texture. It even looks great just sitting in that bowl, thanks for sharing these great pics.

  6. Love those suspended beds, though they'd be an ER visit for sure should my boys ever be left alone with them. Love the rope wrapped chandy! Beautiful inspiration pics! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love that rope has taken on such a chic and upscale look. Sorta like burlap and old wood!

  8. i'm a huge rope, twine, jute, burlap fan! I think it can be such a fabulous way to combine beautiful formal antiques with a laid back feel.


  9. I love the look and texture of rope, makes very interesting additions to home décor. Those beds are amazing!

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