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For the LOVE of Baker’s Twine

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Happy Monday Friends!  You might have noticed, but I’ve been a bit obsessed with baker’s twine lately. 

So I thought a fun round-up with some of the great things you can make with baker’s twine would be fun.

Domestically Speaking: Baker's Twine Crafts

Here you go (click on the images to get to the sources to get all the great info)…

LC valentines {Melbourne -Event Photography} (6 of 42)


Twine closeup

Botanical PaperWorks 12 Weeks of Christmas: Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

And in case you missed them last week… but latest 2 baker’s twine projects:

burlap heart 5

bakers twine heart 5

So are you a fan of baker’s twine too?


  1. I can’t find the end of the twine on my spools. It is so frustrating. If you could give me a tip on finding it that would be great. I don’t just want to cut it and make a mess of my spools- I only have about 5 of them- I bake and like to give away bread, cakes and other goodies. I am so exasperated with this spool of twine. It is gorgeous 14 ply but I can’t get to the end so I can use it. Any advice would be appreciated.

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