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For the Love of Old Windows

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You know what I’ve been crushing on lately… yep, old windows.  I’ve got a collection of gorgeous projects done with them, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be lovin’ them too.

Old Windows - tons of great DIY projects using old windows.  Some great decor ideas for your home.

Old Windows – Great DIY Projects

Gorgeous headboard with a window in the center from Down to Earth Style.

Old window headboard DIY

Old windows make a great shadow box as demonstrated by Unskinny Boppy

old window, shadow box

Love this family name window at Stone Gable.

old window, family, name, sign

A cool hall tree built around a window.

hall tree, window, old

A cute greenhouse made from windows at the Rusty Hinge.

greenhouse, garden, windows

An old window is the perfect frame for a beautiful wreath at Funky Junk Interiors.

old window, hanger, wreath

Beyond the Picket Fence made a memo board from their old window.

memo board, old window

Great dry erase marker calendar with a window from Rustic Pig Designs.

dry erase marker, calendar, old, window

Junk Market Style’s window command center is very cool.

Window Command Center: Junk Market Style

A Little Knick Knack’s window hall organization.

old, window, hall, organization

An old window coffee table from Oh!  Glory Vintage

old, window, coffee table, shadowbox

Window panes make great frames at Laura Haley Photography

old, window, panes, frame

Johnny in a Dress’ cute window coat rack.

old, window, coat rack, organization, repurpose

And just last month I made framed our family photo with an old window.

old, window, family, photo, frame, repurpose

So… are you lovin’ old windows too?

Here’s some other great projects you might want to check out too:


  1. i recently replaced windows in my sisters house and have all the old windows/ do you know anyone that would be interested in them? appx 14 that are 39” x 24” inches make an offer

  2. I couldn’t agree with more! I found this amazing old wooden and glass door that had been left when an old (very OLD) home near me had been torn down.
    Now, mind you, in order to get to this door I had to climb over much rubble, most of it brick and cement! All this … while in heels and a business suit … I was on my way home from the office…
    It was Soooo worth it!! I struggled it get it into my car then stored it safely away in the barn….
    Two weeks later, when I finally had time to give my project my full attention, I went out to get it, and to my horror … IT WAS NOT THERE!!!! I could feel that foreboding feeling… you know the one … your heart drops to your stomach … of course you just stand there, your mouth agape, eyes huge as a silver dollar, are glazed and simply staring at an empty space … the space where THE BEAUTIFUL OLD (VERY OLD) DOOR WITH WINDOWS should have been!
    I must have been standing there like that for a few seconds because the next thing I know my husband is at my side talking to me in this strange language … or so I thought! I just wasn’t thinking clearly at that particular moment…So when I was finally able to think somewhat rationally, I asked if he had any knowledge of that “empty space”….
    “Well of course I do” , there was an old funky door there so I took it with me to work last week and threw it in the dumpster! …… errrrr…. OH NO HE IS NOT FINISHED YET! Please read on… it gets worse .. “.. And can you believe it? HE ASKS ME! “Some woman pulled up and grabbed it faster than I had put it in!”…
    I was …. I cannot begin to explain what I was!
    I just gave him a big hug, kissed him and told him I loved him and how very grateful I was to be married to him!
    He just looked at me sort of confused, smiled , and walked away shaking his head.
    MEN! Ya just gotta love ’em!

  3. I love these ideas.  So timely.  I just was working on a window project today using a vintage window pane.

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