Frosted Glass Tealights

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These Coastal Frosted Glass Tealights are my thrift store makeover to share with you guys this month. Our local thrift shops are still low in the home decor departments, but glassware is usually something I can always find. I love all things beachy and decided to play around with frosting some glass to create that worn, beach glass look.

Frosted Glass Tealights

This was an easy and fun craft project. You could easily use some recycled glass is you didn’t want to purchase some at a thrift store.

Frosting Glass Supplies

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  • glass (mine was found at a thrift store, but you could use recycled glass from your home too)
  • Frost Effect
  • acrylic paint

Creating Frosted Beach Glass

The first step is cleaning your glass well, the Frost Effect recommended with rubbing alcohol. I wiped them down well and let them dry.

They recommend a dense sponge, so I used a makeup sponge.

I put a small amount on the makeup sponge and then gently pressed it onto the glass.

To add some color, I placed some Frost Effect on the sponge and then added a little acrylic paint to the center of it. I repeated the process of gently dabbing on the next piece of glass to give some color to that piece.

After each piece had one coat I let them dry for about 1 hour. Then I applied a second coat, repeating the process.

After the second coat, you definitely could start to see the frosting effect taking place.

Sea Foam Seaglass with paint and frosting technique

I think the pieces turned out so pretty! Definitely, that worn, beachy glass look I was going for.

Beautiful frosted glass

I think the ones with just the Frost Effect are my favorites, so simple, yet beautiful.

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