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Galvanized Steel Home Sign

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Happy Sunday!!!  Do you love galvanized steel?  I love the rustic accent it adds to a room.  I love having something older, worn, not perfect in a space.  I think it adds an element of comfort.  I recently came across some cute galvanized steel letter signs and decided to add them to our kitchen.

Galvanized Steel Home Sign is an easy way to add some rustic character to your home

I love how to tie in with our mini mudroom.

Galvanized Steel Home Sign

I had this wall space that was begging for something to help make the spacing feel right and I think this does the job beautifully.

Galvanized Steel Home Sign

It took just minutes to hang.  There’s holes at the top of each letter, so I just nailed them up.

Galvanized Steel Home Sign

I love all the character they have… each one unique!

So do you love galvanized steel too?

Here’s a few projects I’ve done over the years…

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Last year’s Spring Tablescape had lots of galvanized steel.

Chalkboard Galvanized Steel Buckets

Chalkboard Galvanized Steel Buckets

So do you love galvanized steel too?


  1. Nice idea, Maryann.

    I wonder if Joann carries these, also? This would make a great decoration in my workshop and a few other places here and there.

    I’ve noticed similar things used in some restaurants as decor.

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  3. I really like this idea! I think I want to get steel letters on our walls, but rather than “home,” I think I would get our last name. I also really like the new trend of the marquee letters!

  4. I love this! I saw these at Micahels and picked up only one – letter K for my son. But, after seeing your home sign, I am inspired to get a few more letters. 🙂 Thank you and I love that new aisle at Michaels, too. I think I got a little too excited. 😉

  5. Yes I do love galvanized and have quite a few pieces, ranging from vintage watering cans and sap buckets, to newer little containers like yours from Michaels and IKEA. The HOME letters look great and I like the vertical arrangement.

    1. Ann I found them in my new favorite aisle at Michaels.. it’s filled with burlap, galvanized steel, chalkboards and more… LOVE!

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