Garage Sale Entry Table

Thanks for Sharing!

I bought this table at a garage sale earlier this year… I think it was $3.


Some primer and a few coats of black spray paint and here is where she resides today…

Love the power of paint!

I’ve got on my “to-do list” for today to finish a project that’s been in the mix for over a year.  I’m hoping to show it off to you tomorrow.  It’s another Ikea upgrade!

BCD Show and tell



  1. Winter can't end soon enough! I need Yard Sale weather to get here soon so I can score some awesome finds like you did!!Love this!Thanks for linking!

  2. I love black furniture. (except for the dusting) I think it looks great. I love me some paint too. I am fixing to get busy doing some in my new home. Resting up for the next couple of days first though.

  3. The power of paint is awesome… but you have a great idea of what treasures things will be… now THAT is awesome.
    Great transformation. Your entry is very pretty.

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