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How to Make a Garden Metal Flower

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This cute Garden Metal Flower is made from a thrift store brioche pan.  Some paint and a garden stick transformed it into a flower perfect for your garden.

Garden Metal Flower

We definitely have been having spring weather.  It’s 95 one day and 60 two days later.   It’s definitely the time of year you want to be outside so I thought I’d tackle a fun garden project this month for our Thrift Store decor project.  Here’s what I started with…

I found this brioche pan at the thrift store.  When I found it, I wasn’t even sure what it was for.  Good old google helped me figure it out and now I feel like I need to tackle a brioche recipe now. It had a beautiful shape that reminded me of a flower, so why not turn it into a metal garden flower?

So I grabbed some outdoor acrylic paint and went to work.

I used a beautiful blue for the outside petal areas.  The paint didn’t cover completely.  I though I might want to do a second coat, but I really like the metal showing in the end.

While the blue was still wet I started adding the light green to the center of the flower, gradually blending it outward.  I just kept adding and blending until I got the look I wanted.

The green stem I picked up from Home Depot in the garden section – just a stake.  I used a strong adhesive to glue it to the back of the flower.

I makes for a cute addition to our backyard!  So next time you’re in a thrift store keep your eyes open for a brioche pan so you can make a garden metal flower too.

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Garden Metal Flower from a brioche pan | Thrift Store Makeover | DIY Outdoor Decor



  1. I have some of these! They are for baking tacos for taco salad. I just may have to use one for a flower. It will make a great addition to my glass flowers I make.

  2. This was fun….I made a couple of décor additions…I had some small glass colored stones….I glued them in the center of the flower and around the edges…so cute! I also made one using junk jewelry!

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