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Get Your Kids Excited about Chores with Chores in My Hat

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Getting your kiddos to do chores can be a challenge!  We all know that kiddos need to learn how to help clean the house, but Moms also know that can be a challenge.  So today I’m sharing one of my secrets! My mom use to do this fun game – Chores in My Hat with my brothers and I and I’ve been doing it with my kiddos for years.  This is a fun way to get your kiddos to get excited about doing chores and happy to help out around the house.

Chores in my Hat Get the Kids excited about chores with a free printable

The concept is making chores fun by giving it a game feel.  I’ve got 2 free Chores in My Hat printables – one with the jobs I use for my kiddos and one that’s blank where you can add your own.

Chores in my Hat Printable

So here’s how it works:

  • list out all your chores and cut them out
  • place all the chores in a hat
  • let the kiddos take turns picking out a chore, going in a circle until all the chores have been picked
  • go forth and clean

I allow my kiddos to trade chores if they want too, since some have jobs they prefer.


You’ll be amazed at he attitude difference you’ll see.  I’ll put some fun music on while we clean too and within a few hours you have a much cleaner house!

Chores in My Hat Free Printable - Get Your Kiddos Excited About Doing Chores

Chores in My Hat Printable with Chores Included

Chores in My Hat Printable Blank


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  1. What a great idea. When my kids were younger (grown and gone now!), I had a roll of adding machine tape on a wooden holder. I wrote chores on the tape and as they got them done, they crossed them out and ripped them off. It seemed like the list never ended (caz housework never does!) and they were resentful at times.. Your idea is really cute and kids would see an end in sight! I always found music to be a great motivator for myself–old Beach Boys, Irish sea chanties (swab that deck!), and Broadway showtunes–played louder than the central vac (neighbors aren’t too close!). Happy Easter!

  2. This is such a great idea! I’m pinning it to use on my kids next week. It’s actually fun when we can all work at the same time to get the chores done, then have fun together later.

  3. It’s such a lovely idea! A a nice start of the year and a good way to change the cleaning routine for me and my kids. I would never think about such a creative way to make cleaning chores more interesting for the kids. As a professional cleaner a have some fixed rules which everyone in the house are following, and no change was allowed. But the game “Chores in My Hat” is a breath of fresh air for our family, so thank you for the great inspiration! Have a great year! Greets, Leah from https://kingstonuponthames-cleaners.co.uk/ 🙂

  4. Great way to “market” the chores– much cheerier than mom screaming “Get up here and clean the bathroom!” which is how it’s been working in my house! Thanks for the great idea and for organizing this awesome collection of organizational tips!

  5. Such a creative idea! How fun…I WISH I’d known about this fun way to disguise chores when mine were growing up. We played the do your chores or else game…as in your grounded and no phone!

  6. Super cute! I’m saving this one for when my little one gets older (she’s only a year now). It’s always good to have kids help around the house!

  7. Oh my gosh Maryann your fun practical approach to getting your kiddos to do their part is awesome! And, a much better example of positive parenting than we use. 😉 Love it! Thanks for such a fun tour & Happy twenty16!

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