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Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

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These Gold Leaf Easter Eggs are my latest thrift store makeover.  I found these cute paper mache Easter eggs last year after Easter.  I decided to glam them up a bit with some paint and gold leaf and they turned out so pretty.

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

I started by painting my eggs with acrylic paint.  I used a pretty teal blue, pink and lavender color.

Here’s one of my favorite tricks for painting eggs or anything round.  If it’s a small item, painting 1/2 of it and then letting it dry on top of a water bottle is a great place to let it dry while it’s balanced.  Once half is dry, paint the other side and flip it – letting it dry on that side.  (make sure you have a couple inches of water in the bottom of the water bottle)

Once the eggs were dry I used Liquid Gold Leaf and with a small stencil brush I bounced the gold onto the eggs.   Bouncing is just dabbing the paint in an up and down motion.   There’s no right or wrong way to add the gold leaf.   Just start with a little and add more until you get the look you love.

Once the gold leaf has dried you have your pretty Gold Leaf Easter Eggs.

The teal blue and gold one is my favorite!

Isn’t it amazing what a little gold can do?

Let’s see what what the rest of the team come up with this month for their thrift store makeover!!!

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  1. Thanks for water bottle tip. So obvious but never thought of it, duh. Your eggs turned out so gorgeous, lot easier way to apply gold leaf with the liquid, smart lady. Great way to really gussy up those eggs to make them so special. Will make any Easter basket look it’s best.

    Wishing you lovely Spring and special Easter

  2. Maryann,

    The teal is my favorite too! The color looks so pretty with the gold leaf.

    great tip for letting painted object dry on top of a water bottle.


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