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DIY Gray Striped Storage Basket

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Can you ever have too many baskets?  I made a Gray Striped Storage Basket from a thrift store basket for this month’s Thrift Store Decor Challenge.  I love having baskets to pile blankets in, shoes in or whatever you need to store.

Easy to Make Gray Striped Storage Basket

Gray Striped Storage Basket

I found a nice, tall basket for only $1 – YEP $1!!!  One of our local thrift stores has some killer deals on Thursday, so you know where to find me on Thursdays!

Here’s what I used to create this Gray Striped Storage Basket… there’s affiliate links for your convenience.

Gray Striped Storage Basket Supplies:

I started by placing the painter’s tape around the basket.  I wanted my stripes in the center area, but place where you’d like.

Easy to Make Gray Striped Storage Basket

Then it’s time to start painting.  Load just a small amount of paint on your brush, you don’t want the paint dripping – we’re going for clean stripes!

Easy to Make Gray Striped Storage Basket

I painted 2 coats of gray paint.  By the time I got around the basket the paint had dried, so I was able to put the second coat on right away.

I let the paint dry about 30 minutes and then peeled the painter’s tape off.

Easy to Make Gray Striped Storage Basket

These simple stripes were a quick update to my thrift store $1 basket score!

Easy to Make Gray Striped Storage Basket

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Easy to Make Striped Basket | Pottery Barn inspired | Thrift Store Makeover




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