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Hanging Mason Jars

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Have you seen these adorable mason jar candleholders?

Hanging Mason Jar

Pottery Barn

I LOVE them.  So, of course I found a way to make them!

Here’s mine

 Hanging Mason Jar Tutorial

Items Needed to Make:



Wire Cutter

Pliers ( I used a needle-nose)

I had mason jars leftover from a project a few years, but you could use pizza sauce jars, salsa jars, etc.

I used  18 gage wire leftover from my Martha’s plate hanger project.

I put the wire around the jar (at the spot it will wrap around) and then tripled that.  Cut your wire with a wire cutter at that point.

Then I folded the wire in half, having the ends meet.  I wanted to twist my wire (like PB)… so I started doing a braid-twist.  I left a small part untwist where the wire was bent (where my finger is in the photo below) to form 1 loop.

Once twisted completely, I wrapped it around the jar, connecting the ends.  This is where you really want the pliers.  So this end has the loop that you created when you folded the wire.

  It will be loose.  Then go across the jar and use your pliers to form your second loop.  Form the loop by twisting.

Then decide how long you want your handle.  You need to double that length + a couple inches.


Bend the handle wire in half and put it through one of your loops.  Now twist this wire (just as I did before).  Then take the end of your looped handle and put it through the loop on the other side and twist it with your pliers till tight and snug .

Here they are hanging in my Board & Batten Bathroom.

Love them filled with shells…

Perfect for Spring & Summer decor…

How about some sand and a tea-light candle?

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