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How to Make a DIY Dog Bed with a Recycled Drawer Look

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Learn how to make your own DIY Dog Bed with a cute Recycled Drawer Look from Scott at Saws on Skates! This is a great beginner DIY project with a gorgeous custom pet bed that looks perfect for pet lovers.

Drawer Style Dog Pet

We all like to keep our pets safe and comfortable. The safe part I have covered with my DIY Dog Gate which keeps Coco out of trouble when I’m away. Coco prefers the couch when I’m home, but likes a spot right by the door when I’m not home. I thought she deserved a cozy, comfortable place to relax while I’m away.

dog bed drawer

I’m sure you have seen old dresser drawers recycled into pet beds. I like the concept, but finding one that will fit your pet and fit a pet bed can be a challenge. Here’s what I came up with… a custom-built box that looks like a drawer and fits an inexpensive standard-size bed pillow! The pillow and pillowcase can easily be washed or swapped out for a new one. That way you can pick the fabric you like to match your home decor. The best part? You can make the drawer any size you want to fit larger pillows or even dog beds.

dog bed drawer 3

The construction for this project couldn’t be any easier. The “drawer” is a simple box with decorative base cap molding. All of the parts are attached with pocket holes and pocket screws. For more info about how to use and set up a pocket hole jig, please check out my Quick Start Guide to pocket hole joinery. I chose to paint the drawer a soft pink to coordinate with the pillowcase and stain the legs, but you can finish this any way you like to compliment the decor of your home. Let’s get started!  (affiliate links included for your convenience)

Supplies Needed

Affiliate links are provided for your convenience.

(1) 1x2x8
(1) 1x5x10
1×6 (24″ length)
2×2 (12″ length)
(8′) Base cap molding
Handles or knobs
1-1/4″ pocket screws
#8 2″ wood screws
1″ finish nails

Miter saw
Pocket hole jig
DrillMeasuring Tape
Bar clamps
Countersink drill bit

Steps To Build DIY Dog Bed

Step 1 – Assemble the Bottom. Cut 3 pieces of 1×5 to 22″.  Drill pocket holes to join the boards and also drill pocket holes to join the bottom to the drawer sides in Step 5. Apply glue to the edges and clamp.

dog bed bottom

Attach using 1-1/4″ pocket screws.

dog bed bottom Adding Pocket Hole Screws

Step 2 – Make the Drawer Sides. Check the bottom side measurement with your measuring tape. It should measure 13-1/2″ – mine measured 13-1/8″.

dog bed drawer sides 1

Adjust the length of the side to your measurement and cut 2 sides from a 1×5. Drill pocket holes in each end of the drawer sides.

Side of DIY Dog Bed

Step 3 – Make the Drawer Back. Cut a 1×5 to 23-1/2″.

Step 4 – Make the Drawer Front. Cut a 1×6 to 23-1/2″.

Step 5 – Assemble the Drawer. Place the bottom on your workbench. Apply wood glue only to the ends of the sides (short sides) and place against the bottom with the pocket holes facing inward.

dog bed drawer assembly

Place the front and back in position (long side) and clamp to the sides. Starting with the top pocket holes attach using 1-1/4″ pocket screws. Depending on the location of your pocket holes, you may need to temporarily remove the bottom to access those holes. If necessary, remove the bottom, attach the bottom pocket holes using 1-1/4″ pocket screws.

dog bed drawer assembly with pocket holes

Replace the bottom and attach to the drawer sides using 1-1/4″ pocket screws.

dog bed drawer assembly

Step 6 – Attach the Molding. Cut base cap molding and attach to the front of the drawer with glue and 1″ finish nails. Check out my Miter Cuts Made Easy tutorial for more info about how to make miter cuts.

dog bed molding
Step 7 – Cut the Legs. Please use caution as these parts are small. Cut 4 pieces of 2×2 to 3″. Measure down 2-1/2″, make a mark, and cut a 45-degree angle on each side of the leg.

dog bed drawer legs

Step 8 – Cut the Long Stretchers. Cut 2 pieces of 1×2 to 19-1/2″ and drill pocket holes in each end.

Step 9 –  Cut the Short Stretchers. Cut 2 pieces of 1×2 to 11-1/2″ and drill pocket holes in each end.

dog bed drawer legs 2

Step 10 – Attach the Long Stretchers to Legs. Place two legs on your workbench. The stretcher sets in a 1/4″ from the face of the leg. I placed some 1/4″ scrap on the workbench to help position the stretcher. Apply glue to the ends of the stretcher, clamp in position with the top of the stretcher flush with the top of the leg and attach using 1-1/4″ pocket screws. Repeat for the other long stretcher.

Attaching Dog Bed Legs

Step 11 – Attach the Short Stretchers to Long Stretchers. Place a short stretcher on the workbench. Again, I placed some 1/4″ scrap on the workbench to help position the stretcher. Apply glue to the end of the stretcher, clamp in position with the top of the stretcher flush with the top of the leg and attach using 1-1/4″ pocket screws. Repeat for the other short stretcher.

Leg Framing

Step 12 – Attach the Legs to Drawer. Center legs on the drawer, drill countersink holes in the stretchers. Attach using 2″ wood screws.

Attaching leg frame to bed

Step 13 – Unscrew the legs, finish the drawer and legs, reassemble and attach handles or knobs. Add pillow, pillowcase and your drawer dog bed is ready for your fur baby!

Thank you for stopping by to check out my DIY pet bed – I hope you enjoyed this project. I’ll be back with a new project soon! In the meantime, let’s stay in touch… please visit me at Saws on Skates for more easy DIY furniture plans and follow me on Pinterest.

How to build a pet bed with recycled drawer look


  1. All the dog owners want to know the process of making a dog bed and you make it very easy for them. Thank you for sharing such detailed articles with images.

  2. Our dog is really active and likes to jump on the couch without permission. I think he does that because he wants to be near us, but maybe he just needs a “place to call home” so to speak? Your diy project has certainly peaked my interest! Being a passionate woodworker myself, i can see myself building this. Just the upholstery might pose a problem but my wifes friend should be able to do it.

    Thank you for the inspiration, i’ll send the link to my wife!

  3. This is a lovely idea! We bought a puppy to our daughter for her birthday last month and I was just thinking of buying a doggy bed soon. But this is a really creative and good looking idea, and I’m going to recycle an old drawer too. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  6. Love that you shared the how to’s for this pretty pet bed! You make it look so easy! If you are at all interested in joining in on one more link party, I host Making Broken Beautiful every Thursday thru Sunday and I would be honored to host your talents! It is a furniture and decor link party. I hope you have a great weekend!
    Making Broken Beautiful

  7. I love this! Maybe if I got my husband to make this our dog would actually sleep in it instead of our bed 🙂 haha. Probably not. I really love the color of fabric you chose. So pretty.

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