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How to Make an Acorn Wreath

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Happy Monday…

Over the weekend I made this adorable acorn wreath from the acorns we collected while picking apples last weekend.

ribbon, fall, autumn

I wrapped a styrofoam wreath with a brown grosgrain ribbon and attached it with hot glue.

fall, ribbon, autumn

ribbon, fall, autumn

Then came layering the acorn tops.

ribbon, fall, autumn

Such a fun way to display the collection of little fingers.

fall, autumn, ribbon

fall, ribbon, autumn

Adds some more autumn décor to the family room (yep we were having a Toy Story-a-thon)

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  1. I have acorns in my own backyard, but they are a little different. They are long and skinny. I think it is a Black Oak. Anyways, I have been thinking about making a garland with them, but I love how you did the wreath with just the caps. Great idea!

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