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How to Make Moss Eggs

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I’m going to show you how to make moss eggs! My Spring Mantel features these cute moss eggs, so today I’m sharing how incredibly easy they are to make. Moss and spring go hand-in-hand. When spring arrives we are craving vibrant green colors and these DIY moss eggs are a great way to add some Easter decor to your home.

moss egg in galvanized bucket

Moss Egg Supplies:

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Making Your Moss Eggs

I purchased my bag of moss at Michael’s, but you can find it at a craft store and online too this time of year (see the link above for an online option).

plastic egg and moss

This project is a little messy, between the moss and the hot glue, but like I said, it’s super easy.

hot gluing moss on plastic egg

Working with the moss is pretty easy. Usually you can just pull off what you need, but if you find it easier you could use some craft scissors.

I covered about 1/4 of the egg at a time with hot glue, and then just stuck a bunch of moss on top of the hot glue. Keep working your way around the egg, adding glue and then pieces of moss. When it’s covered make sure to give it a squeeze to help the moss lay a bit flatter around the egg.

Moss eggs on a mantel

When you are finished you’ll have a collection of cute moss eggs! Pile your DIY moss covered eggs into a basket, or some galvanized buckets like I did. These are great on your Easter table or mantel.

Collection of moss eggs in a galvanized bucket

These eggs are a fun spring decoration to add to your home. I hope you get a chance to try this easy tutorial soon.

Moss egg in a bird cage

Moss Eggs

Learn how to make your own moss eggs with plastic Easter eggs, moss, and hot glue.
Prep Time20 minutes
Total Time20 minutes
Keyword: craft, Easter
Cost: 5


  • Hot Glue Gun


  • glue sticks
  • plastic eggs
  • moss


  • I used regular sized plastic Easter eggs, but you could use whatever size you want. How many you make and their size will determine how much moss you will need to cover them.
  • Grab one of cheap plastic eggs (no real eggs here) and decide where you want to start. I started on one end and worked my way.
  • I squeeze the hot glue onto about ¼ of the egg and then grabbed a chunk of moss off the sheet moss. Place it onto the hot glue and gently press, being careful not to burn your fingers. (Keep a bowl of cool water nearby if you need to).
  • Repeat the process until the egg is covered with moss.
  • Then give the egg a squeeze to help the moss stick well and to help the moss lay down flatter against the egg's surface.
  • Repeat the process until you have as many eggs as your heart desires.
How to Make Moss Eggs | Easy DIY Easter Decor | Spring Craft Ideas


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