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How to Print on Burlap Video

Thanks for Sharing!

My How to Print on Burlap Video is now included in an Ebook & Video bundle that’s for sale for only $4.99.

This is Great info!!!  If you want to learn how to make burlap signs check this Step by Step Tutorial with a video

What’s in the How to Print on Video Ebook & Video?


The ebook walks you step-by-step through the process of how to print on burlap.

You’ll get a list of the supplies and products I’ve used to create by burlap signs.

You’ll learn my tips and tricks.

The video gives a great visual as I show you my tools and process step-by-step!

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  1. Designing the sign.
    What do you use and How do you get the words so close together. I’ve made some signs in the past using word but can’t figure out how to get words to go different angles and to get them really close together. Hope to hear back from you thank you.

    1. Hi Nicole, I normally use Phototshop to create mine, but there are free online services like PicMonkey that you could use.

  2. The video was very helpful, but I am not very good with setting up things on my printer or computer ! I have A Lexmark (??), but where do I go to get my sayings or words I want to print ? I want to print sayings for my Daughters wedding ? Please cab u help me ?
    Thank you

    1. Sandy you have to create it either in a word processing program (like Word) or a photo editing service like PIcMonkey (which is free)

  3. Hi! Loved your video tutorial. You mentioned that you sell these signs. How much is your standard 8.5×11? What about legal size?

    I have a little girl on the way – due in January, and I am trying to think of some cute nursery decor ideas, but don’t feel like I am up to some of the Pinterest challenges. 🙂

    Would love to know how much a personalized burlap sign costs.

    Thank you!

    1. You can find my burlap prices in my Burlap Beauties link in the header. Most custom prints start at $30.

  4. Do you remove the freezer paper after its done printing? can you print in different colors? You don’t say in the video. I also just loved that you did a video

    PLEASE email me the answer also & thank you

    1. yes, I remove the paper. I’ve never tried with color – I just use a cheap printer that only has black ink, but I don’t know why you couldn’t. The only issue would be if it’s dark enough to be seen.

  5. HI! thanks so much for your tutorial, I followed it easily and it worked great. I’m encountering a different problem and wondered if you had any suggestions.
    I am trying to print on the burlap for someone’s wedding invitations. The burlap swatch is to be about 4.75×6.75 (layered later onto a 5×7 cardstock). the printing processes goes just fine, but the wording is difficult to read – seems to get lost in the weave of the burlap. I don’t have large or open weave burlap – just your basic, run of the mill, by the yard, craft store stuff. I’ve tried a thicker font and bolded it, but but no improvement. I’m wondering if this is just because of my project and font needs in relation to the burlap weave.
    Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Yes – it’s burlap and it’s wide weave. Trying to find a tight weave burlap is hard. I typically don’t do anything small unless there’s only a few words.

  6. Love the tutorial! Maybe a silly question but do you leave the freezer paper on the burlap once you’ve printed on it or do you peel it off?

    Thanks so much!

  7. Just wondering if you can print on the burlap in color, I only see black and white in your tutorial? Thanks

  8. I love your tips – they’re easy to follow and the video is so very helpful! I’m craft challenged so this makes it much better to understand! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Dana ~ For the subway style you need to either create it in Photoshop or I think PicMonkey (free) would work or I used Wordle.net where you can plug in the words and it creates it for you.

  9. Hi Maryann! That is a great video and tutorial! I’m excited to try this! Do you have to mirror image before printing? Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! Blessings from Bama!

    1. Nope – no mirror printing needed since it’s not a transfer, it’s printing directly on the burlap.

  10. Love this! But tried it and failed. I had everything set up and looking great, then when it came time to print, it wouldn’t feed the burlap through. 🙁 Any suggestions? I tried different settings but no luck. I wanted to do this for a wedding gift next week.

    1. Success! I trimmed the burlap back away from the edges to expose the paper about 1/4″ and viola! Stubborn printer.

      1. Elizabeth I really don’t know for sure, but I would doubt it. Freezer paper is much thicker than wax paper. I’d be afraid the wax paper would melt onto the burlap. You can purchase freezer paper online if you can’t find it in a local store.

          1. just wanted to add… freezer paper is used because the plastic coating (shiny side) melts to burlap/fabric when ironed. It also stabilizes the burlap and adheres it to the paper so it will go thru the printer easier.

  11. What a great video! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been trying to think of an inexpensive, yet thoughtful, gift for my husband for our second wedding anniversary. Problem solved! 🙂

  12. Maryann, I love using freezer paper for crafts, as in making stencils. I have never used it in the printer to make anything, but I think this idea is great. You did a great job in making the tutorial, so I think it will work great for any number of projects. Thanks for always sharing with us such great ideas and instructions!!!

  13. Thanks so much for your video. I’ve always loved your printed burlap projects and now I know exactly how to make my own! I’m prepping for a booth at a local festival for October 5 and I’ll be that some framed burlap prints for fall would really sell.

  14. Love your tutorial on burlap printing! One question- What quality of print, best, better or quick print? I know best uses more ink – takes longer and comes out darker , maybe more refined. Quick is more fast print, gray-er. The slowness of your printer made me think it was better or best print choice.
    thanks if you know-

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