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I Tried a Pin | Making Your Own Wire Baskets

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Well friends… summer might be almost half way over, but I’m finally starting my summer series “I Tried a Pin.”  If you’re new around here I’ve been doing this series the last couple summers.  I decided to try out some of those great goodies that I’ve pinned over the years and see how they work and then share what I learned with you guys!  So today I’m sharing what happened when I took on making my own wire baskets.

I Tried a Pin Making Your Own Wire Basket

I had pinned this awesome wire basket tutorial from Four Corners Design.  I’m not going to share all the details on how to make it… visit her awesome tutorial to learn.

Here’s what I used though… {this contains affiliate links for your convenience}

Hardware Cloth (used for animal pet enclosures/gardens/etc) – I used 1/2″ 19 gauge (but I’d recommend something thicker – more on that later)

wire cutter

needle nose pliers 

yard stick


So you can see you don’t need a lot of supplies… but it does take some time.  I decided on the size of the baskets I wanted to make.

I wanted to make three baskets to fill the space in the bench we had made for our bathroom.

I Tried a Pin Making Your Own Wire Basket 5

Once I decided on the size I sketch it out on paper so I cut it right.

I would recommend using gloves as you cut the wire.  I didn’t on the first basket and my hands were feeling it… ouch!

I used the yard stick to help create a straight line for bending up the sides and a needle nose pliers to bend the wires together.

Did it work?

Yep!  BUT I would definitely use a thicker gauge wire.

I Tried a Pin Making Your Own Wire Basket 4You can tell from this photo above that the basket didn’t square up great and I think it was because the wire was just too thin.

It does take some patience as the wire material (hardware cloth) isn’t the easiest to work with.

I Tried a Pin Making Your Own Wire Basket 6I love the style of wire baskets and it’s super cool to make them yourself… but if you find a deal on them I think I’d just buy them next time.

I Tried a Pin Making Your Own Wire Basket 2If you want to try to make them yourself… definitely get a thicker gauge hardware cloth than I did and head over to grab her great tutorial… she walks you through it perfectly!  Pick out a movie to watch and get to work.  It’s definitely doable.

Thanks for stopping by friends!  I’ve got some other fun “I tried a Pin” to share with you guys in the coming weeks.



  1. Maryann – glad that you gave this a try! I certainly agree with you about the thicker gauge especially given the fact that you made much larger baskets than I did – maybe weaving some twine around the sides would help to square them up and give them more support for you. Thanks for the link back to my tutorial – appreciate it!

    1. That’s a great idea Amy! Such a great tutorial you did… I love wire baskets!

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