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Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Coasters

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Hi, Friends! I’m Erin from Elizabeth Joan Designs, where I share lots of DIY, home decor, tips, organizational ideas, and crafty inspiration. I’m so excited to be here today as a contributor for Domestically Speaking! Also, a big thank you goes out to Maryann for allowing me to join the team!  Each month, I will be sharing a quick and easy 5 minute craft and I can’t wait to show you what I have in store. To start things off, I’ve created a very simple project that you can make in minutes; Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Coasters. I know the name leaves a little bit to be desired, but I promise you that these coasters are awesome!

Indoor Outdoor Carpet Coasters easy to make and work great

Materials needed:  {contains affiliate link for your convenience}

The indoor/outdoor carpet I chose was just a very simple (and inexpensive) dark gray style that would go with most decor. I made sure that the bottom of it had a waterproof rubber backing, since I wanted to prevent any sweat from beverage glasses coming contact with a table.

Indoor Outdoor Carpet to use for Carpet Coasters

First, I used the open end of a mug and traced around it onto the back of the rug with a pen to create the shape of my coaster. You could choose any shape for your coaster, but I preferred mine to be round.

Trace Mug on Carpet Back

Next, using sharp scissors, cut out your shape.

Cut Carpet With Scissors for coasters

In just a few minutes, you can have a set of four coasters cut and ready to go!

Carpet Rug Circles Stacked

If you are making these coasters as a gift, you can continue to cut out sets from the existing carpet piece. However, I just needed four coasters, so I decided to cut the rough rug end to match the other and it is now perfectly useful in front of our door. So, nothing is wasted!

Small Round Gray Carpet Coasters an easy 5 minute craft

Aren’t these great? You could place them on an end table or coffee table to give your guests a spot for their drink or use them outside during a bbq. So easy and useful!

Make a coaster from a rug - totally customizable

If you get ambitious, you could even add some fun designs, like stripes or polka dots with paint in a contrasting color to make these babies pop! Plus, there are tons of neat patterns and colors for indoor/outdoor rugs for you to choose from!

Indoor Outdoor Carpet Coasters and easy DIY 5 minute craft

To find more quick projects or fun DIY ideas, head on over to my blog or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram! Can’t wait to chat with you again. Thanks so much Maryann for having me!


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