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Key to My Heart…

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I’m working on an assortment of goodies to create a gallery wall in our master bedroom.  So I decided to create a Key to My Heart burlap sign.

Here’s one that I just finished making…

I’m loving…

I printed on some burlap…

added a key that I purchased off Ebay…

and created a sweet addition to our wall.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house?  What have you included?

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  1. Now all I have to do is print on burlap in my printer. I’m such a coward, afraid to try things others say is doable and easy. Better get my courage up and try this as I love it. I have some keys I could use. Would be nice on our gallery wall.
    Recently took all beach stuff down and am going slowly to find other items to make to put up with few family photos. Am finding I enjoy having a gallery wall in living room. Have seen so many wonderful gallery walls that have inspired me. So much wonderful talent in blog land.
    The key that was used on this is very nice, love style of it. It is very classy looking on a wall , the frame is really pretty for this, gotta love burlap. Great post. Happy weekend

  2. super cute – I just used some burlap on the back of picture recently and love it! Let's see – gallery wall – I posted mine in early january, but i have family pictures, some art, a monogrammed tray, a cross on a shelf, a couple of candles and a few decorative wall plaque things, so I think it is a good mix of family and non-family

  3. Love this! What a lovely addition to a gallery wall! How did you print on the burlap?

    We have a gallery wall, but it's just pictures right now. I was thinking about making some changes to it for more of a rotating gallery that I can change things out of on a whim. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love that! So cute! I've been wanting to add something in our bedroom – maybe a gallery wall is just what it needs!

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