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Happy Friday Folks!  I’m so happy that we’re at the edge of the weekend.  It’s been one of those weeks… anyone else have one of those too?   I’m just thankful we have a weekend with no sporting events, birthday parties, etc.

I realized I never showed you guys my new-to-me (once again) kitchen table and chairs all together.  So I wanted to share them with you guys today…

If you missed the how-to’s here are the links…

chalk painted chairs (with recipe)

removing white paint top

dark dreamy stain

Next goal… finishing window treatments.  I had some dark espresso brown panels hanging there, but I’ve got some leftover drop cloth from covering the chairs that I want to use.  Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet though. Smile

Thanks for stopping by & have a fabulous weekend!




  1. Your dining set looks lovely, I really like the shape of your table. I will look forward to seeing how you handle your window coverings.

    1. Thanks Traci… I can’t wait either to see how I do the window coverings 🙂 Just waiting for that inspiration to hit!

  2. I’m doing somethings very similar to a pedestal table I picked up on Craigslist. Wondering how the wax holds up to wear & tear? I’m going to sand and stain the top of my table dark, like you did, but I’m not sure if I should use a wax top coat or some sort of poly top coat. Just curious about how yours is holding up so far. Thanks!

    1. Love it so far… it’s only been about 2 months. It still has a nice shine & I use Shaklee to spray and wipe for cleaning.

    1. Thanks A Daft Scots Lass! I actually mixed together 4 sample paints leftover from when we were picking out our master bedroom color.

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