Kitchen Shelf to Coat Rack

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It’s Thrift Store Decor time again and I’ve got a fun project this month!  Did anyone else have one of those over the kitchen sink shelves in the 90’s?  Well this kitchen shelf got a makeover!  With some paint and hooks we got a Kitchen Shelf to Coat Rack transformation.

Beautiful Summer Entry with Welcome Coat Rack - this was a kitchen shelf turned coat rack

Kitchen Shelf to Coat Rack

Here’s what I started with… friends these were oh so popular back in the day!

90s kitchen shelf

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Welcome Coat Rack Supply List:

Turn a 90's Kitchen Shelf into a Welcome Sign for your Entry

First I popped off the legs.  Then I did a little sanding, just to make sure it was all smooth.  A few coats of Krylon’s Satin Black and my coat rack was on the way.

Next I attached my coat rack hooks, but it looked like it needed a little more…

DIY Welcome Sign from a Kitchen Shelf

I added an inviting “Welcome” for my guests to hang their coats.  To do this I just printed out “Welcome” in Word in the font and size I needed.  Then I just traced on top with pencil to leave an indent (you have to push hard).  Then I painted on top with some creamy vanilla acrylic paint.

Kitchen Shelf to Coat Rack a great DIY project from an old shelf

What a transformation – 90’s kitchen shelf to coat rack with a fun “welcome” sign!


Thrift Store (1)

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Hope you loved my kitchen shelf to coat rack DIY Project & all the other Thrift Store Decor Projects this month!

 Take a 90s Kitchen Window Shelf and turn it into a Welcome Coat Rack perfect for your entry - a great way to add organization and storage


  1. I have a similar shelf that is white and I know I won’t be using it so this is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Kate | TheOrganizedDream.com

  2. Good idea. I’ll have to watch for one of these shelves. I’ve passed one by a couple of times. Not anymore!

  3. Wonder how many times I thought about buying one of those , always talked myself out of it. Did you find the shelf handy or nuisance?
    Sure do like your welcome sign whole lot more, serves better purpose?
    Smart idea, great job. Happy daze

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