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How to Make Lavender Bath Bombs

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These Lavender Bath Bombs are so easy to make! These homemade bath bombs are beautiful too and would make a great gift. I will show you how to make these DIY lush bath bombs with a lovely lavender scent from essential oils. If you love lavender like I do make sure to check out my Vanilla Lavender Homemade Body Scrub Recipe.

Lavender Bath Bombs

Adding one of these bath bombs to your bath with help with relaxation and also helps remove those dead skin cells so that your skin can receive moisture.

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Making Bath Bombs

Step 1:

This recipe makes two 2 1/4″ bath bombs. Start by pouring epsom salt and baking soda in a glass bowl. Mix the ingredients together.

Step 2:

Add a few drops of lavender oil. Stir it together and smell. Add more oil if you want a stronger scent.

Step 3:

Add a few tablespoons of dried lavender and mix until combined.

Step 4:

Now you’re going to add witch hazel until you get the substance of wet sand. You want to be able to squeeze the sand together and have it loosely hold it’s shape.

Step 5:

Sprinkle some more of the dried lavender into the molds. Pack the bath bomb mixture into the bath bomb halves. Then connect the two sides. Repeat for the second bath bomb.

Step 6:

Let the bath bombs dry at least over night. Gently remove from molds and let try another 4-6 hours until you bag them up.

Store them in a dry place and in an airtight container until you are ready to use.

How to Make Lavender Bath Bombs

This lavender bath bomb recipe would be a great Christmas gift, Mother’s day gift, birthday present, teacher gift… you name it. We all love a little “me time” soaking in the tub, right?

lavender bath bombs


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