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A little laundry love…

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Last night at the Power of Paint Party I showed you guys how I took 2 basic shelves that had been sitting in the garage to create 1 long shelf above my washer and dryer.

Today you get the “how to” of my cute little shelf skirt and to see it all prettied up for you!

{How to Skirt A Shelf}

I’m sure there is some fancy, sewing method to make a cute shelf skirt, but this skirt requires only fabric, Heat n Bond, an iron and a regular stapler… perfect for the sewing novice I am!

#1… Determine the length of your skirt.  I cut the fabric for my skirt at 12”.  The fabric I had on hand was 54” long,  but that wasn’t long enough for my shelf… so I cut two 12” strips.

#2… Iron your fabric.  You want it to look smooth and pretty.

#3… Use Heat n Bond (or something similar) to hem just one of your long sides.  (This will be the bottom of the skirt)

I also used the Heat n Bond to attach the two pieces of fabric together to make one long piece.

#4… Time to start stapling.  I laid the fabric on top of the shelf with the backside of the fabric facing up and the unfinished long edge closest to you.  I started on the far right side and folded the edge of the fabric in a bit and stapled the fabric onto the edge of the shelf.  This creates the edge hem.

(Hopefully this photo describes this step better than my words)

#5… Do the same on the other side, folding in the outer edge.

#6… Now that both ends of the fabric are stapled to the edge of the shelf, find the center of your fabric and staple it to the center of the shelf.

#7… I started working on the “right half” of the fabric.  I found the center of the right side and stapled it to the center of the right side of the shelf.  Then I repeated the process to each of those 2 sections.

#8… Continue finding the center of the loose fabric and the center space on the shelf and staple.

#9… Do this until your loose fabric is about a few inches when pulled away with your fingers.

This is when I pulled the fabric “poof” straight out and then folded it to lay flat to the left… making a little pleat.

#10Staple, staple, staple and staple some more!

When you flip over your skirt admire the cuteness you just created (without a sewing machine)!

Then comes the fun and decorating… shopping the house.

Now this is what greets me when I come in from the garage.

Someday I’d love to have some cute clear canisters for my laundry detergent.

I’m still debating which of my burlap signs to keep here… the clothespin, safety pin or my laundry defined burlap sign? 

What’s your vote? 

You can purchase my burlap signs over in my sidebar.

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  1. This is super cute. I need to do this…my laundry room, er, closet is just ugly. It needs some pretty like a little skirt to make it pretty.

  2. Cute! I need to do something like that in my laundry room too. We have those wire shelves that just aren't cute.

  3. Love this! I shall be getting my very own laundry 'room' soon, yay, and this is some great inspiration! Thanks for sharing

  4. Just linked up to your party. I am your newest follower. I would be too ashamed to post photos of my laundry room. Nice going on the shelf, very practical.
    bonne nuit

  5. I knew it- I just knew that little skirt was gonna be suh-wheet!
    it's adorable.
    Great job and so easy too.

    I happen to like the clothespin art.
    there is just something about clothespins that make me happy (smile)

    From one who really,REALLY LOVES
    to hang out the laundry~


  6. Love your shelf and the clothespin picture. I too have a shelf over my washer/dryer in an area seen often by guests. I bought a large antique, white table cloth which I drape over the washer/dryer. I then place another seasonal tablecloth on top of the first one, at an angle. I then add decorative accents usually that are seasonal. My husband is less than thrilled at having to take all that "junk" off of the washer/dryer, but I love the way it looks. Everyone knows that my w/d are still there, but that area looks so nice. Arlene from theroseyposey.com.

  7. Anything that makes laundry less tedious gets my vote! I currently have 3 loads waiting to be folded and put away.
    super cute shelf skirt maryann!

  8. Super cute!! I really love your Laundry defined burlap sign! All of them are cute tho.

  9. That is a tough choice, but I love the clothes pin sign. The whole room makes me want to bring my laundry to your house. But you probably have enough of your own to deal with. 🙂

  10. Looks terrific! As much as I've been sewing lately, I love no-sew projects too! I think the clothespin art is especially appropriate there. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great way to hide the mechanics! I might almost want to laundry 🙂 Love the clothespin art, too! Great tute!

    Enjoy your day, Maryann! (Even doing laundry 🙂

  12. So cute! I love the ruffled edge. It's a great way to dress up a shelf! Your pic of the clip is adorable as well…and, I laughed at your chalkboard – I should totally charge for laundry! I'd be a millionaire!

  13. Love your shelf….I'm bummed I missed linking …my computer is acting up…can't get my beore after pics…maybe next week! Have a great day!

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