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Looking Glass Pinecones… The Making of a Mantel

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I always love my mantel most at Christmas and each year I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite.  This year our Christmas Mantel has a Rustic Glam theme… it’s made of a lot of very cool elements, but one of my favorites came from one of those crazy ideas that floods my creative mind just as I’m dozing off to sleep.  I decided to try out Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint on pinecones.

Looking Glass Spray Paint Pinecones ~ Rustic Glam Mantel

If you are unfamiliar with Looking Glass spray paint… you’re missing out… it’s awesome!  You can use it on glass to create a mirror-like finish.

Looking Glass Spray Paint Pinecones ~ Rustic Glam Christmas Mantel

It’s awesome because you can re-spray your second coat within minutes too.  I paired the looking glass pinecones with some natural ones and put them in a metal basket with green clippings from the yard.

Galvanized Bucket with Berries and Greenery ~ Rustic Glam Mantel

It’s next to my favorite find this Christmas season… this gorgeous galvanized bucket I found at Marshals… LOVE!

Christmas Home Tour 2013 Mantel

I love bringing the outdoors in.  How simple, yet gorgeous are greenery clippings.  I added them to the galvanized bucket and tossed them about between the other items.

Pinecone and Twine Mason Jar ~ Rustic Glam Mantel

My twine wrapped with pinecone mason jar fits perfectly with this rustic glam setting.  And the Christmas tree string art adds some fun and whimsy while still rustic.

Looking Glass Spray Painted Pinecone Cloche ~ Rustic Glam Mantel

A simple cloche over a giant looking glass spray painted pinecone adds some elegance.

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    1. I think you are missing something here…where is the CHRIST in your Christmas???
      All things are beautiful, but He created the beauty! Please don’t leave JESUS out!

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