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Making a Burlap Memo Board

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Hi guys!   I’ve been hanging out at the beach this week, enjoying the last bits of summer vacation we have left.  I received some questions about my burlap memo board I shared at the Power of Paint Party, so I thought I share the simple plan I used to make it.

Here’s my cute memo board painted my new favorite color!  I bought this frame last year and I had originally painted it black.  I found it at a garage sale as just the plain frame.  I loved it because of it’s size.

I had been using it to hang some of my burlap signs like this one…

Since the frame came with no backing I took a piece of foam board (I got mine at Michaels) and cut it to fit the opening.

So to make my memo board I took some leftover corkboard (from my daughter’s wardrobe) and some spray adhesive.  I generously sprayed the foam board with the adhesive and then pressed the cork firmly on top for a minute or two.

You can see that my scrap piece wasn’t in the best condition, a rip & a tear, but once it’s covered with burlap no one will know.

I let it dry about 20 minutes and then wrapped it with burlap ( I cut it to fit and ironed it).  I used some thick masking tape to hold the burlap on the back of the foam board until I placed it in the frame.

Now I just need to make some cute pushpins for it!

Hope you’re enjoying the last of your summer too!

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  1. I love quickies! cute & practical!
    enjoy the rest of YOUR summer… I am ready for it to LEAVE, too dang hot to suit me.

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