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Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial

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If you love mason jars you’ll want to check out this Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial! If you love crafts, this is an adorable way to showcase your collections.  I personally have a deep love for seashells, so I piled some into the mason jar for this lamp.  But whatever you collect, whatever your hobby, this is a great way to personalize a lamp… and it’s an easy DIY lamp project too.

Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial - a great way to display things you love!

What You Need

You only need a few items to make your own mason jar lamp.

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You can purchase a lamp lighting kit at your hardware store, craft store, or online (click the link above).

How to Turn a Mason Jar into a Lamp

I hope these instructions are easy for you. I think this is such a fun and easy DIY Mason Jar Lamp. You can pick whatever size mason jar you want to use. Your local thrift store is a great place to find mason jars too.

lighting kit to make your mason jar lamp

Drill a Hole

The first step is to drill a hole in your mason jar lid that is large enough to slide the base of the light socket through it. You won’t really see the hole, so no need for the hole to look pretty, but you can always cover it with painter’s tape prior to drilling to keep the hole cleaner.

Creating your mason jar lamp

Mason Jar Ring

Then slip the mason jar ring and the decorative base over the end of the socket.

Attaching lighting kit to the mason jar lid

Attaching the Lamp Kit

Finally, slip the mason jar lid onto the end of the lamp socket by inserting the end of the socket through the hole you just drilled. Finish by twisting on the washer and nut.

Assembling the Mason Jar Lamp

Screw the mason jar lid to the glass jar and twist on your mason jar lid ring to complete your beautiful lamp.

Gorgeous mason jar lamp diy project

Super easy, right!!! Now how will you decorate your lamp? You can show off your style with your lampshade and what you put inside your mason jar for display. It’s ready for a light bulb and all you need to do is plug in the cord and you’ve created a beautiful lamp.

Fill your mason jar lamp with shells or other collectibles

What Will You Fill Your Lamp With?

This lamp is in my oldest daughter’s bedroom on her bedside table.  I filled the base with seashells to fit in her beachy bedroom and I think I’m going to finish it with a burlap shade. Here are some other ideas to fill your mason jar with.

  • acorns (in the fall)
  • wine corks (from special occasions)
  • small pinecones (in the fall or winter)
  • shells
  • starfish
  • smooth rocks
  • coral
Great way to share your collectibles in a mason jar lamp

So many options you can do with this easy lamp tutorial.

Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial an easy DIY project

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Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial - learn how to to make your own lamp with this easy DIY tutorial using a cute mason jar.


  1. I really like this idea as I recently found over. 100 mason jars in a old house I was tearing down about a dozen were bicentennial jars .I know the cord does not come out the side of the lamp socket.so lm assuming another hole should be made but it’s avreat idea and I was at Ollie’s last week thay had lamp rebuild kits that I’ve seetat Walmart for 20 bucks Ollie’s had them for less than 3 bucks cord included great deal

  2. I use the jars for multiple things.The most colorful thing is vintage (80 yr old) multiple colored marbles that are regular and Jumbo sizes in a clear jar. Add a shade and the light makes it very colorful. Cute anywhere. PJV

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  8. Please tell me what size mason jar you used. I tried it with a 24ounce and the shade hung to far down over it. Also what size shade did you use.

    1. I have a lot of small lamps you use the lightbulb after you place the shade on you screw the lightbulb in it holds the shade in place if you don’t have a small lamp you can get the small lampshade at a dollar general or any type of store similar pick one up for 5$ or less hope this helps

  9. I love this idea. I am going to make this for my kitchen and use either whole coffee beans or wine corks in place of the shells. Thank you.

  10. Hello, thank you for sharing your tutorial. I love the idea. I found a box full of mason jars last weekend at a yard sale and I was looking for some ideas to use them for crafts. And I stumbled upon your blog. I have included a link to your page from mine. I do hope that is ok. If not please let me know I will have it removed. Thank you again for the great post!
    Kind regards,

  11. Mason jars are like drop cloth, they can be used for so many different projects. This one is super cute, thanks for the tutorial 🙂                Hugs, Teresa

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