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Master Bath Part 1… Mirror Makeover!

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If you’ve been around my blog you know that one of my projects this year is giving our master bedroom/bath a makeover.  It still has white walls and other than having rearranged the furniture a few times… I haven’t done much with it… mainly because of $$ and because I wasn’t sure of the “look” I wanted. 

So here’s what our master bathroom looked like before I started.

I know… very white! 

My starting focus is to change my boring, builder mirrors to look like custom framed mirrors.

Remember the molding deal I told you about that I used for my daughter’s Pottery Barn Bulletin Board?  I’ve had a few people asking for more details.  This is a 5 pack of 7 foot pieces of molding that I found at Home Depot.  Here’s a pic of the label on the molding. It is MDF and my Home Depot has it on the end cap and in the aisle.

My Home Depot has the 5 pack for $9.97… under $2 for a 7 foot piece… score!

So here’s a little peak at the direction I’m going…

I taped the molding up to make sure all my angles and cuts were right and that it covered the mirror completely.

It’s all down and in the garage now… ready for paint… so stay tuned…

Speaking of paint… Mr. MckLinky will be up this evening as we start the 10th Power of Paint Party! 

See you then!


    1. Hi Ruselle ~ I didn’t get rid of it. I just covered it over with the molding.

  1. Your mirror looks SO MUCH BETTER! Amazing, eh? I mentioned it on my post on mirror makeovers too – I'm linking up the best DIY decor out there! ~ Heather

  2. Have I already told you how much I like your blog? I would love to have you join my Mclinky party Favorite Things Friday the 19th if you are interested! I can't wait to see your bathroom done!

  3. LOVE what you are doing. We have a HUGE mirror in our living room over the fireplace/mantle and I've been wanting to trim it in molding to cut down the size of it a bit. Question – how are you going to attach it to the mirror? That is the part I'm stuck on – I don't know how to get it to attach/stick to the mirror without damaging/breaking the mirror! Can't wait to see how it turns out! And I love how you turned your bathroom mirror into 2! Genius!

  4. It is looking great. I like how you divided it into two. Great idea. I just took our huge mirror down in our bathroom. Makes such a difference.

  5. ditto to all of the above! the turning one big mirror into 2 is refreshing and so current. waiting for the full reveal…i so love your blog..inspiring.
    ~judi 😉

  6. This is going to be so awesome. Great idea. Makes me wish I had a mirror somewhere in my home that this would work for…

  7. OMG…. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your showing what you did to your mirror… I also have a huge mirror above my vanity sink and I hate it.. been trying to get it down for quite some time but have been afraid to try to remove it… your idea of two frames over it is brilliant!
    Thank you so much…

  8. are you going to file out an area on the molding for the screws (meaning the screws that attach the mirror to the wall. I REALLy want to do this but don't have a saw (to make the angles/frame). Home Depot can't cut anything under a certain size.
    How do you feel about people asking to use their saw? Should I ask my neighbor (who I don't know very well , but who does custom cabinets) or is that using him?

  9. I love how it looks like two mirrors. I was planning on framing our one big mirror, but that is so much better! Can't wait to see what lights you put up!

  10. That's a clever idea, a mirror that large must have been expensive at some point. Plus you're probably used to having that much viewspace 😀

  11. How are you going to attach it??? I have a girlfriend who did this and I want to copy it! But she used velcro and you can see it at certain angles….

  12. Those mirrors will be looking so much prettier when you are done! I have never thought of doing the molding to split the mirror into two. It really adds charm.

  13. pure genious! I can't wait to see it! I'll have to check out that casing at home depot! cheap!
    thanks for sharing!

  14. WOW!!! I cant wait to see the after! I too have those same builder mirrors and would love to do this! Im sooo excited I cant wait to see them finished!!!dont keep us waiting too long!!!

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