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Master Bedroom Desk Chair

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It feels like I haven’t done furniture in FOREVER!

I’ve had this chair for ages… ok, really like a year.  It’s part of the free set of chairs I scored on Craigslist.  The rest are around my kitchen table that I showed you last year.

The set only had 1 end chair (with arm-rests), so I figured I’d stick it in another room… just wasn’t sure where… plus it needed some repairs.  One of the back slats was warped and was loose… nothing some wood glue and screws couldn’t handle.  My dad was kind enough to take it home with him and fixed it for me back in December… thanks Dad!

So… I finally got around to painting it today.  The weather has been nice here in So. Cal… highs in the 60’s… so spray painting weather!

I gave her a coat of cheap flat black spray paint.

Then she got a good coat of Krylon’s Satin Black.

While that was drying I cut my foam to fit the seat base.

I found this fabric in my fabric scrap box.  I went with something neutral since FINALLY decorating the master bedroom is on the 2010 “to-do” list… yes, that’s where I decided to place the chair… at least for the time being.

I cut the fabric about 2-3 inches larger than the seat base, so you can wrap it around and have enough to staple to the base.

Then I staple one side in the center… then I go straight across and pull the fabric tight and staple.  Then I do the same to the other side… going diagonally across as you staple to keep it evenly tight.  Then just staple like a maniac!

To make the corners I just pull the actual corner of the fabric straight towards to center so it makes this nice fold.

Then it’s just attaching the seat base to the chair… mine just screws on… easy-peasy!

Yes… one more project to cross off that “to-do” list!

This project cost me Nada… Chair was free and I had all the supplies on hand.


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  1. You crossed something off your to do list, you did it for zero dollars, and you have a great looking chair. Nice job!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  2. Looks good and doesn't it feel good to cross something off the long to-do list. Very invigorating.

  3. Oh, I love the chair. Anything painted black and I'm in love. And black and white fabric makes it perfect. Your dream about the paint was hilarious. Sometimes I feel I'm obsessed with everything that goes on in blogland, but I can't help checking out what everyone is doing and making. Have a great day.

  4. It looks so good! Don't you just love turning something that's free into something really beautiful for your home? You certainly accomplished that! Great job!

  5. Oh this is beautiful! I love how the wood grain shows through the paint…makes the paint look flawless! Thanks for sharing and for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

  6. Nice job! I like the fabric you chose, too! I love recovering chairs that are like this, because it's so easy and you need very little fabric to get it done.

  7. Ah! You've totally inspired me to use an extra dinning room chair for our guest bedroom! That's one of the rooms on our 2010 "to-do" list! Thanks!

  8. I LOVE that fabric. It is very similar to my black onyx fabric I am using. I was going to re-cover a similar chair tomorrow with the black onyx fabric. Wow great minds think alike! I will share next week!

  9. Love the chair, you are always an inspiration! I love your painting skills and really must tackle a piece of furniture.

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