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Mini-blind Makeover…

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Mini-Blind Makeover???  Did you know you could turn cheap mini blinds into custom looking shades?  Yep… crazy, right!   Our master bedroom was full of cheap, ugly mini blinds and the budget couldn’t afford much…  So here’s all the juicy details of my mini-blind makeover!  But first check out this great video I put together to give you a glimpse at what I did and then you can get all the details of the mini-blind makeover below.

Create custom roman shades from ugly cheap mini blinds, a great mini-blind makeover

Mini-Blind Makeover

Can you believe I made these with the cheap, ugly mini-blinds that were hanging in our house when we moved in!!!  Yep that’s right.

Mini-blinds turned gorgeous roman shade

These gorgeous roman shades started with a $3 mini-blind!

I came across some tutorials of transforming your mini-blinds and knew that when I got around to our master bedroom makeover that I would be using them.

First let me give you a list of what I used: (this post contains affiliate links for your convenience, you can find more details here)

Mini-Blind Turned Custom Shade Supply List 



1st ~ Measure your window.  Add 1-2” to each side.  So, if your window is 40×50 then you need your fabric to be at least 42-44”x52-54”.  You also need to decide how many folds you want your shade to have.  This will determine how many slats you will keep.  I spaced mine about 11 1/2 inches apart, which gave me 4 slats and then the bottom piece.  (I promise this will make more sense as you read on).

2nd ~ Release your mini-blind so that it’s lowered all the way & take them down and sprawl them on your floor.

cheap mini blinds before their makeover

3rd ~ Cut away the thin, ladder-like strings.

don't cut this cord on your mini blinds

Don’t cut that thick one!!!  

That is the cord that raises and lowers the blinds – you will need that!

4th ~ Use a small screwdriver and pop off the plug on the bottom piece of the blinds.  Inside you’ll see the end of that thick, pull-up cord tied in a knot.

the knot you need to cut on your mini blinds

I just cut the knot off  (You will retie this at the end) and slide off the base piece.

5th ~ Slide off all the slats, except for the ones you need for your folds (4 for me).

6th ~ Onto the fabric!  I cut my blackout liner to the exact size of my window.  Then I cut out my print fabric 1  1/2” larger on all sizes.  I ironed the print fabric  and then placed it print side facedown and the blackout liner on top.  Use your Fabri-tac glue to glue the edges of the print fabric onto the blackout liner.

Fold over the edges and glue down for the mini blind custom shades

7th ~ Place the remainder of the mini-blind on top of the glued fabric, placing the top at the top of the fabric.  Glue the mini-blind top onto the blackout shade making sure you do not glue the pull-up cord of the blinds.

attaching the top back on

8th ~ Measure out where your slats will be on your fabric and glue the concaved  side of the slat (the side with the most surface area) onto the shade.  Make sure you DO NOT get any glue on the pull-up cord.

glue the mini blind slats to the fabric

9th ~ Now take the end of the pull-up cord and reinsert it in hole on the base of the shade.  Re-tie a knot at the end of the string and put the plug back in.  Glue down the base of the shade at the bottom of the fabric.

retie the knot on the mini blind for your custom roman shade

finishing off your custom roman shade

10th ~ Hang your GORGEOUS shade!

Custom Roman Shades from Cheap Mini Blinds in our Master Bedroom

I LOVE how they turned out!

You can check out here for a fab tutorial that helped me out!

Mini-Blinds to Roman Shades: Turn those ugly mini-blinds into custom fabric roman shades

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  1. Wow! Outstanding creativity!! I’m doing this for my front door…also I’ve read some of the comments regarding the cleaning due to the construction..well I’ll be looking for outdoor fabric..such beautiful selection patterns, already all good..I thank you again and others for their input..this is wonderfully made and beautifully presented..nice job!!

  2. I think I will try using stick-on velcro to stick my curtains to the blinds, avoiding the string, of course. That way, I can remove the fabric and wash it when I want to. As I can sew, I will probably sew the edges and the velcro attached to the fabric for added security. Otherwise, I LOVE this idea for the trailer we just bought….the last thing I want to have to do is wash mini blinds, and it has 4 sets. But as they are all intact, this is a great idea for what to do with them, and give it an update.


    1. Diane I would try google searching the fabric name that I have in the post. I purchased it many years ago – good luck! I hope you can find it. Etsy is a good place to try too.

    1. As long as the fabric is strong enough, also you will see the slats that you will place horizontally, so as long as that won’t bother you.

  4. My window is 69 wide by 27 long. Will this work for me. When open I want the window to show. What do you suggest

    1. Barbara – the windows I did this with weren’t that wide, so I can be certain… but it you’ve got ugly mini blinds you’re not loving I’d say go for it!

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  6. I loved this project! There was a bit of a learning curve for me as far as the best practice for glueing the fabric to the slats, header & footer, but overall the project turned out beautifully for my kitchen window. But the shade doesn’t raise and lower well. I have to pull it down with one hand while releasing the blinds with the pull cords (these are good quality Levolor binds, so I don’t think that’s the problem). And when I raise it, I have to place the folds – it just doesn’t fall into place. Did I do something wrong or is this “just the way it is?” Either way, they are beautiful, but if I should have done something differently to make them raise & lower more smoothly, I’d like to know. Thanks for sharing this idea!

    1. I had the same problem with mine. We have great quality mini blinds that worked perfectly – until I did this Roman Blind makeover and got rid of the weight of the extra slats. The blinds wouldn’t go all the way down without some help, so we slipped some thin lead weights inside the footer and the extra weight fixed the problem. They were just too light.

  7. Sorry for the dumb question, but can you suggest how many folds I should have for a 36″ length window?

    LOVE your post! Can’t wait to try it!

    1. You could try it, burlap can be tricky though. If you find a thick, good quality one it might work.

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